URL::Social - Helper module for retrieving social information (likes, shares etc.) for any given URL.

This module makes it easy to extract social information like likes, shares etc. for any given URL from the following services: * Facebook * LinkedIn * Reddit * StumbleUpon * Twitter...

TOREAU/URL-Social-0.07 - 22 May 2014 09:55:48 GMT - Search in distribution

mira - static site generator

KIAVASH/Mira-00.07.49 - 06 Jun 2017 01:22:32 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Mira - static site generator


CORION/Dancer-SearchApp-0.06 - 14 Dec 2016 21:42:14 GMT - Search in distribution

perl5120delta - what is new for perl v5.12.0

This document describes differences between the 5.10.0 release and the 5.12.0 release. Many of the bug fixes in 5.12.0 are already included in the 5.10.1 maintenance release. You can see the list of those changes in the 5.10.1 release notes (perl5101...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.26.0 - 30 May 2017 19:41:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::Tools - Lots of more or less useful subs lumped together and exported into your namespace

Subs created and collected since the mid-90s....

KJETIL/Acme-Tools-0.21 - 23 Mar 2017 00:35:42 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::FormBuilder - Easily generate and process stateful forms

If this is your first time using FormBuilder, you should check out the website for tutorials and examples at <http://formbuilder.org>. You should also consider joining the google group at <http://groups.google.com/group/perl-formbuilder>. There are s...

BIGPRESH/CGI-FormBuilder-3.10 - 16 Aug 2016 23:59:06 GMT - Search in distribution

dopplr - a simple Dopplr client

SIMONW/Net-Dopplr-0.7 - 19 Jul 2008 19:12:34 GMT - Search in distribution

OpenThought - An AJAX transport and helper library, making AJAX-based page updates trivial

OpenThought is a library which implements an API for AJAX communication and updates. You can perform updates to form fields, HTML, call JavaScript functions, and more with a trivial amount of code. OpenThought strives to provide a simple yet powerful...

ERIC/OpenThought-1.99.16 - 25 Aug 2007 00:57:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::PSYC - Implementation of the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing.

PSYC is a flexible text-based protocol for delivery of data to a flexible amount of recipients by unicast or multicast TCP or UDP. It is primarily used for chat conferencing, multicasting presence, friendcasting, newscasting, event notifications and ...

AGOE/Net-PSYC-0.21 - 17 Mar 2006 02:43:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Finance::Robinhood - Trade Stocks and ETFs with Commission Free Brokerage Robinhood

Finance::Robinhood allows you to buy, sell, and gather information related to stocks and ETFs traded in the U.S commission free. Before we get into how, please read the Legal section below. It's really important. Okay. This package is organized into ...

SANKO/Finance-Robinhood-0.19 - 29 Mar 2017 16:35:51 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Wuala - Interface to the Wuala API

Wuala is a free social online storage which allows its users to securely store, backup, and access files from anywhere and to share files easily with friends, groups, and the world. This moduls allows you to interact with the Wuala API. Supported API...

PERFORIN/WWW-Wuala-00.1 - 03 Jun 2009 19:42:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Bintray::API - Perl interface to the Bintray API

Bintray <http://bintray.com> is a social platform for community-based software distribution <https://bintray.com/docs/bintrayuserguide.html#_what_is_bintray>. This module provides a Perl wrapper to the Bintray REST API <https://bintray.com/docs/api.h...

MITHUN/Bintray-API-v1.0.2 - 09 Dec 2014 00:42:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::MUDLike - Hang out inside of your application

Multi user chat, general purpose object tracer, eval, and give/drop/take/clone/dest/look. Adds a social element to software development and develop it from within. Chat within the application, eval code inside of it (sort of like a simple Read-Eval-P...

SWALTERS/Acme-MUDLike-0.04 - 29 Aug 2014 07:20:31 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::RenRen - renren.com funcality helper module

Simulate browser to complete all kinds of request of renren.com, popular social website in China Note from author: Everything is transmitted as clear text, also note the new password encryption algorithm is not implemented yet. Don't rap my door for ...

CODEBREAK/WWW-RenRen-0.37 - 21 Jan 2013 04:46:45 GMT - Search in distribution

WG::API::Auth - Auth-module with using OpenID for work with WG PAPI

CYNOVG/WG-API-v0.8.5 - 28 Jul 2017 07:39:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Facebook::OpenGraph - Simple way to handle Facebook's Graph API.

Facebook::OpenGraph is a Perl interface to handle Facebook's Graph API. This module is inspired by Facebook::Graph, but mainly focuses on simplicity and customizability because we must be able to keep up with frequently changing API specification. Th...

OKLAHOMER/Facebook-OpenGraph-1.23 - 29 Mar 2015 07:41:53 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Simpy - Perl interface to Simpy social bookmarking service

This module provides a Perl interface to the Simpy social bookmarking service. See http://www.simpy.com/simpy/service/api/rest/ THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE. This module should not be relied on for any purpose, beyond serving as an indication that a reli...

BEADSLAND/WWW-Simpy-1.015 - 07 Jun 2006 04:56:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Statocles::Site - An entire, configured website

A Statocles::Site is a collection of applications....

PREACTION/Statocles-0.084 - 09 Aug 2017 17:06:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Maypole::Manual - The Maypole Manual

The Maypole documentation is arranged over several files; this is the right one to start with, as it provides an overview of the entire set of Maypole manuals, with a brief description of each. Some of these manuals are not yet finished, but they sho...

TEEJAY/Maypole-2.13 - 18 Apr 2008 10:27:38 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Scraper::Monster - Scrapes Monster.com

This class is a Monster specialization of WWW::Search. It handles making and interpreting Monster searches at http://www.monster.com. Monster supports Boolean logic with "and"s "or"s. See http://jobsearch.monster.com/jobsearch_tips.asp for a full des...

GLENNWOOD/Bundle-WWW-Scraper-Job-0.01 - 10 May 2003 21:30:22 GMT - Search in distribution

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