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Ukigumo::Server - Testing report storage Server ++

Ukigumo::Server is testing report storage server. You can use this server for Continious Testing. INSTALLATION % cpanm Ukigumo::Server % ukigumo-server ukigumo-server starts listen on 0:2828 Or you can use git repo instead of "cpanm Ukigumo::Server" ...

MOZNION/Ukigumo-Server-v2.1.3 - 30 Apr 2014 06:46:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Ukigumo::Agent - Ukigumo test runner server ++

Look ukigumo-agent.pl. AUTHOR Tokuhiro Matsuno <tokuhirom AAJKLFJEF@ GMAIL COM> SEE ALSO LICENSE Copyright (C) Tokuhiro Matsuno This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. ...

MOZNION/Ukigumo-Agent-v0.1.7 - 20 Jun 2014 02:38:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Ukigumo::Common - Common things between Ukigumo::Client/Ukigumo::Server ++

Ukigumo::Common is a dummy package. This distribution contains a common things for client/server. POLICY This distribution should on perl 5.8. AUTHOR Tokuhiro Matsuno <tokuhirom AAJKLFJEF@ GMAIL COM> SEE ALSO Ukigumo::Client/Ukigumo::Server LICENSE C...

MOZNION/Ukigumo-Common-0.10 - 19 Jun 2014 07:03:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Ukigumo::Client - Client library for Ukigumo ++

Ukigumo::Client is client library for Ukigumo. ATTRIBUTES "workdir" Working directory for the code. It's "$ENV{HOME}/.ukigumo/work/$project/$branch" by default. "project" Its' project name. This is a mandatory parameter. "logfh" Log file handle. It's...

MOZNION/Ukigumo-Client-0.36 - 27 Jun 2014 03:53:46 GMT - Search in distribution

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