Unicode::String - String of Unicode characters (UTF-16BE) River stage two • 17 direct dependents • 31 total dependents

A "Unicode::String" object represents a sequence of Unicode characters. Methods are provided to convert between various external formats (encodings) and "Unicode::String" objects, and methods are provided for common string manipulations. The function...

GAAS/Unicode-String-2.10 - 08 Sep 2016 20:24:27 UTC - Search in distribution

String::Multibyte::Unicode - internally used by String::Multibyte for Unicode (Perl's internal format) River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 4 total dependents

"String::Multibyte::Unicode" is used for manipulation of strings in Perl's internal format for Unicode....

SADAHIRO/String-Multibyte-1.12 - 06 Dec 2015 01:40:16 UTC - Search in distribution

String::ToIdentifier::EN::Unicode - Convert Strings to Unicode English Program Identifiers River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 93 total dependents

This module is a subclass String::ToIdentifier::EN, see that module for details. Unlike String::ToIdentifier::EN, this module will not convert the Unicode subset of "\w" into ASCII....

RKITOVER/String-ToIdentifier-EN-0.12 - 26 Feb 2018 09:05:07 UTC - Search in distribution

String::UnicodeUTF8 - non-collation related unicode/utf-8 bytes string-type-agnostic utils that work as far back as perl 5.6 River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

Unicode is awesome. utf-8 is also awesome. They are related but different. That difference and all the little twiggles in between make it appear to be too hard but its really not, honest! The unicode problem is a solved one. The easiest way to manage...

DMUEY/String-UnicodeUTF8-0.23 - 29 Apr 2019 22:47:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Unicode::GCString - String as Sequence of UAX #29 Grapheme Clusters River stage three • 11 direct dependents • 324 total dependents

Unicode::GCString treats Unicode string as a sequence of *extended grapheme clusters* defined by Unicode Standard Annex #29 [UAX #29]. Grapheme cluster is a sequence of Unicode character(s) that consists of one grapheme base and optional grapheme ext...

NEZUMI/Unicode-LineBreak-2019.001 - 29 Dec 2018 05:21:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Unicode::Precis::OpaqueString - PRECIS OpaqueString Profile River stage zero No dependents

Unicode::Precis::OpaqueString provides the PRECIS "OpaqueString" profile....

NEZUMI/Unicode-Precis-1.100 - 15 Jan 2016 05:35:37 UTC - Search in distribution

script/FixString.pm River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

BDFOY/Unicode-Tussle-1.111 - 07 Jun 2016 18:56:49 UTC - Search in distribution

URI::_punycode - encodes Unicode string in Punycode River stage four • 1813 direct dependents • 9870 total dependents

URI::_punycode is a module to encode / decode Unicode strings into Punycode <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3492>, an efficient encoding of Unicode for use with IDNA <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5890>....

OALDERS/URI-5.09 - 03 Mar 2021 15:19:29 UTC - Search in distribution
  • URI - Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)

unijp - Unicode::Japanese for erlang River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

Unicode::Japanese perl モジュールのerlang版. UniJPのc言語バインディングであるlibunijpを利用. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 3: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'モジュールのerlang版.'. Assuming ISO8859...

HIO/Unicode-Japanese-0.49 - 26 Feb 2012 15:37:40 UTC - Search in distribution
  • ujconv - reinvented iconv(1) using Unicode::Japanese

Win32::Unicode::Dir - Unicode string directory utility. River stage zero No dependents

Win32::Unicode::Dir is Unicode string directory utility....

XAICRON/Win32-Unicode-0.38 - 07 Aug 2012 16:38:16 UTC - Search in distribution

Clownfish::String - Immutable string holding Unicode characters. River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 21 total dependents

NWELLNHOF/Clownfish-0.6.3 - 27 Feb 2018 08:38:55 UTC - Search in distribution

Unicode::Truncate - Unicode-aware efficient string truncation River stage zero No dependents

This module is for truncating UTF-8 encoded Unicode text to particular byte lengths while inflicting the least amount of data corruption possible. The resulting truncated string will be no longer than your specified number of bytes (after UTF-8 encod...

FRACTAL/Unicode-Truncate-0.303 - 25 Apr 2017 13:47:49 UTC - Search in distribution

SPVM::Unicode - Unicode utilities. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

SPVM::Unicode is Unicode utilities. This module privides the methods to convert UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, Unicode codepoint each others....

KIMOTO/SPVM-0.9006 - 11 Jun 2021 04:27:55 UTC - Search in distribution

perlunifaq - Perl Unicode FAQ River stage five • 10652 direct dependents • 31363 total dependents

XSAWYERX/perl-5.34.0 - 20 May 2021 20:07:59 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Fold - Turn “unicode” and “byte” string text into lines of a given width, soft-hyphenating broken words River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This simple folding mechanism is intended to turn a long string of text (possibly containg multiple lines) into multiple lines not exceeding a certain width. It should work consistently with Unicode strings and Byte strings. See the rest of this docu...

DMUEY/Text-Fold-0.5 - 09 Apr 2014 22:54:23 UTC - Search in distribution

Unicode.pod - Working with unicode River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 25 total dependents

Working with unicode. For a practical example, see the Catalyst application in the "examples/unicode" directory in this distribution....

CFRANKS/HTML-FormFu-2.07 - 14 Dec 2018 16:07:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Bidi - Unicode bidi algorithm using libfribidi River stage zero No dependents

This module provides basic support for the Unicode bidirectional (Bidi) text algorithm, for displaying text consisting of both left-to-right and right-to-left written languages (such as Hebrew and Arabic.) It does so via a *swig* interface file to th...

KAMENSKY/Text-Bidi-2.15 - 24 Sep 2018 16:14:57 UTC - Search in distribution

map - An utility to map texts from and to unicode River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

Maps text from one character set representation to another. This work is actually long time very well done by "recode", but unfortunately recode does not support Unicode and eastern asia character sets. But, if you have pure 8 bit things to do, recod...

MSCHWARTZ/Unicode-Map-0.112 - 02 Apr 2002 22:09:09 UTC - Search in distribution

uni - command-line utility to find or display Unicode characters River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

$ uni ☺ 263A ☺ WHITE SMILING FACE # Only on Perl 5.14+ $ uni wry 1F63C <U+1F63C> CAT FACE WITH WRY SMILE uni has several modes of operation: DWIM Mode By default, uni will interpret your arguments usefully. If the only argument is a single character,...

RJBS/App-Uni-9.005 - 19 Jun 2021 02:25:36 UTC - Search in distribution

P - Safer, friendlier printf/print/sprintf + say River stage zero No dependents

"P" is a combined print, printf, sprintf & say in 1 routine. It saves tremendously on development time. It's not just a 1 character 'verb', but has other time-saving and powerful features. It has the convenience of "say" in adding a newline when need...

LAWALSH/P-1.1.41 - 31 Oct 2019 06:30:48 UTC - Search in distribution
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