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WSDL::XML::Generator - The way WSDL::XML::Generator is creating a lots of xml with WSDL file by wsdl name and type name. ++
LINUS/WSDL-XML-Generator-0.03 - 24 Apr 2013 03:14:50 GMT - Search in distribution

W3C::SOAP - Static and dynamic SOAP client generator from WSDL & XSD files ++

A perly SOAP client library. To see more details on how to generate a WSDL client see W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Parser, and for generating Moose objects from XSD files see W3C::SOAP::XSD::Parser. Gotchas Java style camel case names are converted to the more l...

IVANWILLS/W3C-SOAP-0.07 - 29 Jun 2014 21:26:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::WSDL - Creates WSDL documents from (extended) pod ++

- How to use Pod::WSDL Parsing the pod How does Pod::WSDL work? If you instantiate a Pod::WSDL object with the name of the module (or the path of the file, or an open filehandle) providing the web service like this my $pwsdl = new Pod::WSDL(source =>...

BMAVT/Pod-WSDL-0.062   (1 review) - 17 Jan 2014 21:22:24 GMT - Search in distribution

SOAP::WSDL - SOAP with WSDL support ++

SOAP::WSDL provides easy access to Web Services with WSDL descriptions. The WSDL is parsed and stored in memory. Your data is serialized according to the rules in the WSDL. The only transport mechanisms currently supported are http and https. METHODS...

MKUTTER/SOAP-WSDL-2.00.10   (1 review) - 15 May 2009 22:52:28 GMT - Search in distribution

wsdl2perl 2 ++

Generates a interface class for a SOAP web service described by a WSDL definition. The following classes are created: * A interface class for every SOAP port in service Interface classes are what you will mainly deal with: They provide a method for a...

BAERGAJ/Shipment-0.17 - 13 May 2014 03:29:01 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Compile::WSS::BasicAuth - username/password security ++

The generic Web Service Security protocol is implemented by the super class XML::Compile::WSS. This extension implements "basic authentication", i.e. username/password validation. You can best use digested passwords (UTP11_PDIGEST) In that case, a ti...

MARKOV/XML-Compile-WSS-1.12 - 06 Feb 2014 16:21:20 GMT - Search in distribution

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