Quiq::Mechanize - Überlagerung von WWW::Mechanize River stage zero No dependents

FSEITZ/Quiq-1.184 - 29 Jun 2020 09:39:12 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Quiq - Class library for rapid development (German documentation)

WWW::Mechanize::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about WWW::Mechanize River stage three • 301 direct dependents • 784 total dependents

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Mozilla::Mechanize - Like WWW::Mechanize but using Gtk2::MozEmbed River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

This module tries to be a sort of drop-in replacement for WWW::Mechanize. It uses Mozilla's Gecko HTML-rendering engine via the modules Mozilla::DOM and Gtk2::MozEmbed. Don't expect it to be like WWW::Mechanize in that the class is not derived from t...

SLANNING/Mozilla-Mechanize-0.06 - 10 Oct 2009 23:47:57 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Mechanize::CGI - Use WWW::Mechanize with CGI applications. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 7 total dependents

Provides a convenient way of using CGI applications with WWW::Mechanize....

MRAMBERG/WWW-Mechanize-CGI-0.3 - 11 Dec 2005 23:58:09 GMT - Search in distribution

spamcup - frontend program for App-SpamcupNG project River stage zero No dependents

App-SpamcupNG is a Perl web crawler for finishing Spamcop.net reports automatically. It will use your account details to login into Spamcop.net web page and finish reporting your SPAM. App-SpamcupNG tries to be as polite as possible, introducing forc...

ARFREITAS/App-SpamcupNG-0.002 - 06 Apr 2019 04:30:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer2::Manual - A gentle introduction to Dancer2 River stage three • 148 direct dependents • 167 total dependents

Dancer2 is a free and open source web application framework written in Perl. It's a complete rewrite of Dancer, based on Moo and using a more robust and extensible fully-OO design. It's designed to be powerful and flexible, but also easy to use - get...

CROMEDOME/Dancer2-0.300004 - 27 May 2020 00:54:55 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::DOM - A Perl implementation of the HTML Document Object Model River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

This module implements the HTML Document Object Model by extending the HTML::Tree modules. The HTML::DOM class serves both as an HTML parser and as the document class. The following DOM modules are currently supported: Feature Version (aka level) ---...

SPROUT/HTML-DOM-0.058 - 03 Feb 2018 06:12:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::OpenXPKI - A bundle to install modules required for OpenXPKI River stage zero No dependents

This bundle helps with the installation of modules required for OpenXPKI. OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software which aims to create an enterprise-scale PKI solution. For more information see http://www.openxpki.org...

ALECH/Bundle-OpenXPKI-0.06 - 21 Nov 2008 16:12:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Perlmazing - A collection of helper functions powered by Perlmazing::Engine. River stage zero No dependents

ZARABOZO/Perlmazing-1.2814 - 09 Feb 2019 10:42:20 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq9 - Web, Email and Networking River stage zero No dependents

This section deals with questions related to running web sites, sending and receiving email as well as general networking. Should I use a web framework? Yes. If you are building a web site with any level of interactivity (forms / users / databases), ...

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CGI::Prototype::Mecha - test CGI::Prototype applications with WWW::Mechanize River stage zero No dependents

"WWW::Mechanize" combined with "Test::More" is a great toolbench for testing a web application. But you need to have your code installed in the right location on a running server, and you can't poke behind the scenes to see if data structures or data...

MERLYN/CGI-Prototype-Mecha-0.21 - 12 May 2005 11:15:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Rovio - A Perl module for Rovio manipulation River stage zero No dependents

Use Net::Rovio to control your Rovio robot from Perl. Uses basic Rovio API commands. The Rovio <http://www.wowwee.com/en/products/tech/telepresence/rovio/rovio> is a Wi-Fi enabled mobile webcam that lets you view and interact with its environment thr...

TYRODEN/Net-Rovio-1.5 - 13 May 2010 03:33:32 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Tiny - A small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client River stage four • 371 direct dependents • 8362 total dependents

This is a very simple HTTP/1.1 client, designed for doing simple requests without the overhead of a large framework like LWP::UserAgent. It is more correct and more complete than HTTP::Lite. It supports proxies and redirection. It also correctly resu...

DAGOLDEN/HTTP-Tiny-0.076 - 06 Aug 2018 01:09:54 GMT - Search in distribution

IT::perlfaq9 River stage zero No dependents

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Maypole::Manual::Cookbook - Maypole Cookbook River stage two • 14 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

Hacks; design patterns; recipes: call it what you like, this chapter is a developing collection of techniques which can be slotted in to Maypole applications to solve common problems or make the development process easier. As Maypole developers, we d...

TEEJAY/Maypole-2.13 - 18 Apr 2008 10:27:38 GMT - Search in distribution

LWP::Curl - LWP methods implementation with Curl engine River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

LWP::Curl provides an interface similar to the LWP library, but is built on top of the Curl library. The simple LWP-style interface means you don't have to know anything about the underlying library....

LORN/LWP-Curl-0.14 - 05 Jan 2016 18:19:19 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Spyder - a simple non-persistent web crawler. River stage zero No dependents

ASHLEY/WWW-Spyder-0.24 - 27 Feb 2008 00:33:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Selenium::Remote::Driver - Perl Client for Selenium Remote Driver River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

Selenium is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application UI tests in any programming language against any HTTP website using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. This module is an implementation of the client for the Remote dr...

TEODESIAN/Selenium-Remote-Driver-1.37 - 18 Feb 2020 03:53:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Kensho - A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensho>: Kenshō (見性) (C. Wu) is a Japanese term for enlightenment experiences - most commonly used within the confines of Zen Buddhism - literally meaning "seeing one's nature"[1] or "true self."[2] It generally "re...

ETHER/Task-Kensho-0.40 - 01 Dec 2018 21:55:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Rest - Declarative test framework for RESTful web services River stage zero No dependents

The idea here is to write tests against REST services in a data-driven, declarative way. Here is an example test description file: <tests> <get>user/login</get> <submit_form> <with_fields> <name>myname</name> <pass>mypass</pass> </with_fields> </subm...

KGRENNAN/Test-Rest-0.03 - 19 Jul 2010 19:32:50 GMT - Search in distribution

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