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WWW::Blog::Identify - Identify blogging tools based on URL and content ++

This is a heuristic module for identifying weblogs based on their URL and content. The module is a compilation of identifying patterns observed in the wild, for a variety of blogging tools and providers worldwide. You can read a full list of blogs re...

MCEGLOWS/WWW-Blog-Identify-0.06 - 28 Aug 2003 15:40:30 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Myspace - Access MySpace.com profile information from Perl ++
STEVENC/WWW-Myspace-0.92   (2 reviews) - 29 Jan 2009 13:45:39 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Blog::Metadata - Extract common metadata from weblogs ++

*WWW::Blog::Metadata* extracts common metadata from weblogs: syndication feed URIs, FOAF URIs, locative information, etc. Some benefits of using *WWW::Blog::Metadata*: * The extraction makes only one parsing pass over the HTML, rather than one for ea...

BTROTT/WWW-Blog-Metadata-0.03 - 10 Dec 2009 01:18:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Miril::Manual - Why and how to use Miril, the static content management sytem. ++
PSHANGOV/Miril-0.008 - 13 Sep 2010 20:48:40 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::TypePad::Blogs - Blogs API methods ++
SAYMEDIA/WWW-TypePad-0.4002 - 16 Jun 2011 17:23:59 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::Hatena::Diary - A Perl Interface for Hatena::Diary AtomPub API 1 ++

WebService::Hatena::Diary is a simple wrapper of Hatena::Diary AtomPub API. This provides CRUD interfaces for Hatena::Diary and it's draft entries. METHOD new ( *\%args* ) my $diary = WebService::Hatena::Diary->new({ username => $username, dusername ...

HAKOBE/WebService-Hatena-Diary-0.01 - 24 Sep 2008 16:08:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Object::PerlDesignPatterns - Perl architecture for structuring and refactoring large programs 2 ++

PerlDesignPatterns is a free book sporting: Ideas for keeping programs fun to hack on even after they grow large. Object, lambda, hybrid structures, Perl specific methods of refactoring, object tricks, anti-patterns, non-structural recurring code pat...

SWALTERS/Object-PerlDesignPatterns-0.03   (3 reviews) - 23 Jun 2003 13:02:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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