WWW::Google::PageRank - Query google pagerank of page ++

The "WWW::Google::PageRank" is a class implementing a interface for querying google pagerank. To use it, you should create "WWW::Google::PageRank" object and use its method get(), to query page rank of URL. It uses "LWP::UserAgent" for making request...

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POE::Component::WWW::Google::PageRank - A non-blocking wrapper for WWW::Google::PageRank ++

Module is a simple non-blocking POE wrapper around WWW::Google::PageRank CONSTRUCTOR my $poco = POE::Component::WWW::Google::PageRank->spawn; POE::Component::WWW::Google::PageRank->spawn( alias => 'ranker' ); Returns a PoCo object. Takes three *optio...

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AnyEvent::Google::PageRank - Non-blocking wrapper for WWW::Google::PageRank ++

AnyEvent::Google::PageRank helps to get google pagerank for specified url, like WWW::Google::PageRank does. But in contrast to WWW::Google::PageRank you can perform many requests in parallel. This module uses AnyEvent::HTTP as HTTP client. EXPORT ran...

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POE::Component::IRC::PluginBundle::WebDevelopment - a collection of plugins useful for Web Development IRC bots 1 ++
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