WWW::Shopify - Main object representing acess to a particular Shopify store.

WWW::Shopify represents a way to grab and upload data to a particular shopify store. All that's required is the access token for a particular app, its url, and the API key, or altenratively, if you have a private app, you can substitue the app passwo...

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WWW::Shopify::Liquid - Fully featured liquid preprocessor with shopify tags & filters added in.

A concise and clear liquid processor. Runs a superset of what Shopify can do. For a strict shopify implementation see Template::Liquid for one that emulates all the quirks and ridiculousness of the real thing, but without the tags. (Meaning no actual...

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  • shopify-themer.pl - Supports the pushing and pulling of themes from a shopify store.

Padre::Plugin::Shopify - Interface to WWW::Shopify::Tools::Themer.

A plugin for padre that lets you push and pull Shopify themes. Can be done either manually, or on save. Always treats Shopify as the canonical repository, so should never replace files that are newer on the server. Also has the ability to make themes...

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