WebSource - a general data wrapping tool particularly well suited for online data (but what data in not online in some way today ;) ) ++

WebSource gives a general and normalized framework way to access data made available via the web. An access to subparts of the Web is made by defining a task. This task is built by composing query building, extraction, fetching and filtering subtasks...

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Bing::Search::Source::Web - Search the web with Bing ++
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WebService::CIA::Source - A base class for WebService::CIA sources ++

WebService::CIA::Source is a base class for WebService::CIA sources, such as WebService::CIA::Source::DBM and WebService::CIA::Source::Web. It could be used as a source in its own right, but it won't get you very far. METHODS "new()" This method crea...

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PAR::Repository::Web::DataSource::Repository - Extract information from a PAR::Repository ++

METHODS get_repository_configuration Returns the repository configuration from the YAML configuration file. REPOSITORY QUERY METHODS query_dist Corresponds to "PAR::Repository::Query"'s "query_dist" method, but adds a layer of indirection to be able ...

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Software::Release::Watch::Source::WebPage - Get releases from web page ++
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lib/CaCORE/Common/Provenance.pm ++

ATTRIBUTES of InternetSource The following are all the attributes of the InternetSource object and their data types: ownerInstitution data type: "string" ownerPersons data type: "string" sourceURI data type: "string" Note: Although you can also use t...

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