Win32::GUI::Scintilla::Perl - Scintilla control with Perl awareness. 5 ++
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Win32::GUI::Scintilla - Add Scintilla edit control to Win32::GUI ++

Scintilla is a free source code editing component. See : http:/ Scintilla creation "new" (...) Create a new Scintilla control. Parameter : -name : Window name -parent : Parent window -left : Left position -top : Top position -width ...

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Wx::Scintilla - Scintilla source code editing component for wxWidgets 5 ++

While we already have a good scintilla editor component support via Wx::StyledTextCtrl in Perl, we already suffer from an older scintilla package and thus lagging Perl support in the popular Wx Scintilla component. wxWidgets <> ha...

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perlfaq3 - Programming Tools 1 ++

This section of the FAQ answers questions related to programmer tools and programming support. How do I do (anything)? Have you looked at CPAN (see perlfaq2)? The chances are that someone has already written a module that can solve your problem. Have...

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IUP::Dialog - [GUI element] the main GUI element; the main application window 6 ++

Creates a dialog element. It manages user interaction with the interface elements. For any interface element to be shown, it must be encapsulated in a dialog. USAGE CREATION - new() method $dialog = IUP::Dialog->new( TITLE=>"Windows title", $child=>$...

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