WordPress::XMLRPC - api to wordpress xml rpc calls ++

I wanted to interact via the command line to a wordpress blog's xmlrpc.php file. Bascially this is interaction with xmlrpc.php as client. This module is not meant for speed, it is meant for convenience. This is really useful to automate new postings,...

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WordPress::Base - DEPRECATED basic connection to wordpress via xmlrpc ++

This module is for use for other modules like WordPress::Post SYNOPSIS package Wordpress::Something; use base 'WordPress:Base'; my $o= WordPress::Base->new ({ proxy => 'http://this/xmlrpc.php', username => 'lou', password => '2342ss' }); $o->server; ...

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WordPress::API ++

Management of wordpress api objects. Inherits WordPress::XMLRPC and all its methods The basic scope of WordPress::API is to do all the oo magic There should be no cli here, if you want to access the cli scripts, see WordPress::CLI By contrast. WordPr...

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wordpress-info - show wordpress info ++
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WordPress::Base::MediaObject - create structs to upload media to wordpress ++

This is for dealing with files, slurping, cleaning up text, whatever. Nothing is exported by default. This is for use with WordPress::XMLRPC SUBS abs_path_to_media_object_data() Arg is abs path, turns into data structure expected as arg to upload wit...

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