Wx::TreeListCtrl - interface to the Wx::TreeListCtrl class River stage zero No dependents

Wx::TreeListCtrl is a wrapper for the wxTreeListCtrl class in the wxWidgets GUI toolkit. EXPORT None by default. Exportable constants wxTL_MODE_NAV_FULLTREE wxTL_MODE_NAV_EXPANDED wxTL_MODE_NAV_VISIBLE wxTL_MODE_NAV_LEVEL wxTL_MODE_FIND_EXACT wxTL_MO...

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lib/Wx/DemoModules/wxNativeTreeListCtrl.pm River stage zero No dependents

MDOOTSON/Wx-Demo-0.22 - 31 Mar 2014 14:05:04 GMT - Search in distribution

ext/dataview/DataView.pm River stage three • 60 direct dependents • 124 total dependents

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Wrangler - File manager with sophisticated metadata handling capabilities River stage zero No dependents

Extended file attributes are a very versatile and powerful extension of traditional file system semantics. Yet, most end-user applications ignore xattribs, or in cases where an app choses to make xattribs accessible for the average user, the actual u...

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