XAO::Web - XAO Web Developer, dynamic content building suite

XAO::Web is a part of XAO open source web services suite. It allows to build dynamic web content using data, templates and external input (for an overview of the templating system please refer to XAO::DO::Web::Page description). The distinguishing fe...

AMALTSEV/XAO-Web-1.46 - 20 Apr 2017 00:32:26 GMT - Search in distribution

xao-fs - XAO::FS database tool

Commands are: drop URI URI ... Recursively drops content of the given URIs. Be careful - you can irrevocably drop huge lists instantly without any questions asked. Example: xao-fs --dsn=DBI:mysql:testdb -u user -p pass drop /People/jsilver init Compl...

AMALTSEV/XAO-FS-1.15 - 19 Apr 2017 20:26:20 GMT - Search in distribution

DB::Appgen - Perl interface to APPGEN databases

This is DB::Appgen - low-level functions for APPGEN database manipulations (you probably already know what appgen is if you loaded this module, but if you don't please visit http://appgen.com/ - in short it is the sytem behind these green salesman te...

AMALTSEV/DB-Appgen-1.02 - 14 Jan 2005 23:37:10 GMT - Search in distribution

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