XHTML::MediaWiki - Translate Wiki markup into xhtml

<http://www.mediawiki.org/> and its sister projects use the PHP Mediawiki to format their pages. This module attempts to duplicate the Mediawiki formatting rules. Those formatting rules can be simple and easy to use, while providing more advanced opt...

GAM/XHTML-MediaWiki-0.11 - 20 Jan 2010 22:19:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::XHTMLMediaWiki - A Mediawiki-style formatter for Wiki::Toolkit.

GAM/Wiki-Toolkit-Formatter-XHTMLMediaWiki-0.04 - 21 Apr 2008 15:10:36 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::WikiConverter::Dialects - How to add a dialect

HTML::WikiConverter (or H::WC, for short) is an HTML to wiki converter. It can convert HTML source into a variety of wiki markups, called wiki "dialects". This manual describes how you to create your own dialect to be plugged into HTML::WikiConverter...

DIBERRI/HTML-WikiConverter-0.68 - 21 Mar 2009 15:53:40 GMT - Search in distribution

MediaWiki::CleanupHTML - cleanup the MediaWiki-generated HTML from MediaWiki embellishments.

The HTML rendered on MediaWiki pages is full of MediaWiki-specific embellishments such as edit sections. This module attempts to clean it up and return a more straightforward HTML. Note that the HTML returned by MediaWiki APIs may not always availabl...

SHLOMIF/MediaWiki-CleanupHTML-0.0.3 - 30 May 2015 12:55:58 GMT - Search in distribution

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