XML::Atom::App - quickly create small efficient scripts to syndicate via Atom ++

The idea of this module is to make it easy to create Atom feed scripts by packaging up the logic that happens over and over and using a fairly simple data structure that you can generate easily based on your needs....

DMUEY/XML-Atom-App-v0.0.5 - 23 Jan 2009 20:27:32 GMT - Search in distribution

RSSycklr - (beta) Highly configurable recycling of syndication (RSS/Atom) feeds into tailored, guaranteed XHTML fragments. ++

This is a more of a mini-app engine than a pure module. RSSycklr is a package that wraps up the best parts of XML::Feed and HTML::Truncate then filters it through XML::LibXML to guarantee valid XHTML and adds a side of Template for auto-formatted out...

ASHLEY/RSSycklr-0.15 - 03 Aug 2011 00:55:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::XPath - Test XML and HTML content and structure with XPath expressions 3 ++

Use the power of XPath expressions to validate the structure of your XML and HTML documents. About XPath XPath is a powerful query language for XML documents. Test::XPath relies on the libxml2 implementation provided by XML::LibXML. libxml2 -- pretty...

DWHEELER/Test-XPath-0.16   (1 review) - 23 Nov 2011 05:24:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Kensho - A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl 54 ++

From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kensho>: Kenshō (見性) (C. Wu) is a Japanese term for enlightenment experiences - most commonly used within the confines of Zen Buddhism - literally meaning "seeing one's nature"[1] or "true self."[2] It generally "re...

ETHER/Task-Kensho-0.38   (1 review) - 13 Sep 2014 22:40:12 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Atom::Service - Atom Service Document object ++

The Atom Publishing Protocol (Atompub) is a protocol for publishing and editing Web resources described at <http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-17.txt> . XML::Atom::Service is an Service Document implementation. In the Ato...

TAKERU/XML-Atom-Service-v0.16.2 - 04 Apr 2012 02:35:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Miril::Manual - Why and how to use Miril, the static content management sytem. ++
PSHANGOV/Miril-0.008 - 13 Sep 2010 20:48:40 GMT - Search in distribution

App::RSS2Leafnode - post RSS or Atom feeds and web pages to newsgroups ++

This is the guts of the "rss2leafnode" program, see rss2leafnode for user-level operation. An "App::RSS2Leafnode" object could be used for Perl-level scripting of some downloads....

KRYDE/rss2leafnode-78 - 08 Feb 2015 06:14:17 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Atom::Server::PSGI - XML::Atom::Server for PSGI ++

XML::Atom::Server::PSGI is a drop in replacement for XML::Atom::Server, which assumes either mod_perl or CGI environment. This module assumes, you guessed it, that you use it from a PSGI compatible app....

DMAKI/XML-Atom-Server-PSGI-0.04 - 24 Jul 2013 04:01:45 GMT - Search in distribution

App::RecordStream - recs - A system for command-line analysis of data 7 ++

The recs system consists of three basic sets of commands: * *Input* commands responsible for generating streams of record objects * *Manipulation* commands responsible for analyzing, selecting, and manipulating records * *Output* commands responsible...

TSIBLEY/App-RecordStream-4.0.14 - 20 Apr 2015 04:17:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::View::Atom::XML - XML serialization for Atom objects ++

*Catalyst::View::Atom::XML* provides automatic serialization of *XML::Atom* objects for a Catalyst application. Your application needs only set "$c->stash->{xml_atom_object}", then *forward* to your view, to serialize an *XML::Atom* object. For examp...

BTROTT/Catalyst-Plugin-AtomServer-0.04 - 27 Jun 2006 17:18:11 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::Server::Constants - useful constants used by the framework ++

A number of constants are available. These are grouped into various categories....

JSMITH/RDF-Server-0.08 - 18 Mar 2008 19:03:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::AuthSub - interact with sites that implement Google style AuthSub ++
SIMONW/Net-Google-AuthSub-0.5 - 09 May 2009 21:57:32 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::GData::Base - core read/write methods over HTTP for google data API v2. 2 ++

*inherits from WebService::GData* This package allows you to manipulate the data stored on Google servers. It grants you access to the main read/write (get,post,insert,update,delete) methods available for the google data APIs by wrapping LWP methods....

SZABGAB/WebService-GData-0.06   (3 reviews) - 18 Oct 2013 07:43:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Jifty::Manual::Cookbook - Recipes for common tasks in Jifty ++

This document aims to provide solutions to common questions of "How do I do *x* with Jifty?" While the solutions here certainly aren't the only way to do things, they're generally the solutions the developers of Jifty use, and ones that work pretty w...

SARTAK/Jifty-1.10518 - 18 May 2011 18:12:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::XML::Feed - Use RSS/Atom feeds as a Catalyst Model ++

Catalyst::Model::XML::Feed allows you to use XML feeds in your Catalyst application. To use a feed, you need to register it with the "register" method. Once a feed is registered, it's automatically cached for you....

MRAMBERG/Catalyst-Model-XML-Feed-0.04 - 28 Apr 2011 13:34:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::XML::Loy - XML Generation with Mojolicious 1 ++

Mojolicious::Plugin::XML::Loy is a plugin to support XML document generation based on XML::Loy....

AKRON/Mojolicious-Plugin-XML-Loy-0.13 - 20 Apr 2015 08:11:12 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Grammar::Fortune::Synd::App - module implementing a command line application to syndicate FortuneXML as Atom/RSS. ++
SHLOMIF/XML-Grammar-Fortune-Synd-0.0211 - 01 Feb 2014 13:25:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook - Cooking with Catalyst 38 ++

Yummy code like your mum used to bake!...

ETHER/Catalyst-Manual-5.9009   (3 reviews) - 13 Dec 2014 18:22:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::FeedReader - Mojolicious plugin to find and parse RSS & Atom feeds ++

Mojolicious::Plugin::FeedReader implements minimalistic helpers for identifying, fetching and parsing RSS and Atom Feeds. It has minimal dependencies, relying as much as possible on Mojolicious components - Mojo::UserAgent for fetching feeds and chec...

DOTAN/Mojolicious-Plugin-FeedReader-0.07 - 01 Mar 2015 16:18:40 GMT - Search in distribution