XML::Edifact - Perl module to handle XML::Edifact messages.

XML-Edifact started as Onyx-EDI which was a gawk script. XML::Edifact-0.4x still shows its bad ancestry (a2p) in some places. The current module is able to generate some SDBM files for the directory pointed to by open_dbm, by parsing the original Uni...

KRAEHE/XML-Edifact-0.47 - 01 Aug 2003 11:45:01 GMT - Search in distribution
  • xml2edi - translate XML messages back to UN/EDIFACT
  • edi2xml - translate UN/EDIFACT messages to XML

ebXML::Message - encapsulate an ebMS message

An ebXML message encapsulates all the details of an ebMS message. ebXML is a mechanism for ensuring reliable delivery of XML-based messages via a transport mechanism such as SOAP. For more details on ebXML, see http://www.ebxml.org/ Large portions of...

TEEJAY/ebXML-Message-0.03 - 06 Apr 2004 19:52:27 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Filter::Hekeln - a SAX stream editor

XML::Filter::Hekeln is a sophisticated SAX stream editor. Hekeln is a SAX filter. This means that you can use a Hekeln object as a Handler to act on events, and to produce SAX events as a driver for the next handler in the chain. The name Hekeln soun...

KRAEHE/XML-Filter-Hekeln-0.06 - 08 Aug 2002 15:24:06 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Handler::YAWriter - Yet another Perl SAX XML Writer

YAWriter implements Yet Another XML::Handler::Writer. The reasons for this one are that I needed a flexible escaping technique, and want some kind of pretty printing. If an instance of YAWriter is created without any options, the default behavior is ...

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