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XML::GDOME::XSLT - Interface to the gnome libxslt library ++

This module is an interface to the gnome project's libxslt. This is an extremely good XSLT engine, highly compliant and also very fast. I have tests showing this to be more than twice as fast as Sablotron. OPTIONS XML::GDOME::XSLT has some global opt...

TJMATHER/XML-GDOME-XSLT-0.75 - 16 Feb 2002 17:13:56 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::GDOME - Interface to Level 2 DOM gdome2 library ++

XML::GDOME is a perl module that provides the DOM Level 2 Core API for accessing XML documents. It uses a XS wrapper around the gdome2 library, located at http://phd.cs.unibo.it/gdome2/ CLASS METHODS $doc = XML::GDOME->createDocFromString( $str, $mod...

TJMATHER/XML-GDOME-0.86   (2 reviews) - 30 Mar 2004 22:17:58 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML - Perl Binding for libxml2 57 ++

This module is an interface to libxml2, providing XML and HTML parsers with DOM, SAX and XMLReader interfaces, a large subset of DOM Layer 3 interface and a XML::XPath-like interface to XPath API of libxml2. The module is split into several packages ...

SHLOMIF/XML-LibXML-2.0116   (14 reviews) - 12 Apr 2014 08:10:37 GMT - Search in distribution

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