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XML::GRDDL - transform XML and XHTML to RDF ++

GRDDL is a W3C Recommendation for extracting RDF data from arbitrary XML and XHTML via a transformation, typically written in XSLT. See <http://www.w3.org/TR/grddl/> for more details. This module implements GRDDL in Perl. It offers both a low level i...

TOBYINK/XML-GRDDL-0.004 - 11 Sep 2012 08:34:25 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::GRDDL - transform JSON to RDF ++

This module implements jsonGRDDL, a port of GRDDL concepts from XML to JSON. jsonGRDDL is described at <http://buzzword.org.uk/2008/jsonGRDDL/spec>. This module attempts to provide a similar API to XML::GRDDL but differs in some respects. Constructor...

TOBYINK/JSON-GRDDL-0.001 - 06 Dec 2011 11:12:29 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::T - transform JSON using JsonT ++

This module implements JsonT, a language for transforming JSON-like structures, analogous to XSLT in the XML world. JsonT is described at <http://goessner.net/articles/jsont/>. JsonT is a profile of Javascript; so JsonT needs a Javascript engine to a...

TOBYINK/JSON-T-0.102 - 20 Mar 2013 22:06:44 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Data::Parser - parses data embedded in HTML ++

This module parses data embedded in HTML. It understands the following standards and patterns for embedding data: * RDFa <http://www.w3.org/TR/rdfa-syntax/> * Microformats <http://microformats.org/> * GRDDL <http://www.w3.org/TR/grddl/> * Microdata <...

TOBYINK/HTML-Data-Parser-0.006 - 03 Jul 2012 09:49:27 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::TrineX::Parser::Pretdsl - the Perl RDF Extended Turtle Domain-Specific Language ++

Pretdsl is a domain-specific language for describing Perl projects (in particular CPAN releases) in RDF triples. It can be seen as an enhanced version of Turtle/N3, or an application of ShorthandRDF. About Pretdsl Pretdsl is Notation 3, plus... Prede...

TOBYINK/RDF-TriN3-0.206 - 18 Sep 2013 21:38:10 GMT - Search in distribution

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