XML::LibXML - Perl Binding for libxml2 63 ++

This module is an interface to libxml2, providing XML and HTML parsers with DOM, SAX and XMLReader interfaces, a large subset of DOM Layer 3 interface and a XML::XPath-like interface to XPath API of libxml2. The module is split into several packages ...

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XML::RSS::LibXML - XML::RSS with XML::LibXML 1 ++

XML::RSS::LibXML uses XML::LibXML (libxml2) for parsing RSS instead of XML::RSS' XML::Parser (expat), while trying to keep interface compatibility with XML::RSS. XML::RSS is an extremely handy tool, but it is unfortunately not exactly the most lean o...

DMAKI/XML-RSS-LibXML-0.3105 - 29 Apr 2014 22:32:04 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::OPML::LibXML - Parse OPML document with LibXML parser ++

XML::OPML::LibXML is an OPML parser written using XML::LibXML. This module is part of spin-off CPANization of Plagger plugins. For now, all this module does is just parsing an OPML document. The API is very simple and limited to low-level access, yet...

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XML::LibXML::Fixup - apply regexes to XML to fix validation and parsing errors ++

This module provides an interface to an XML parser to parse and validate XML files. The module allows fixups to be applied to non-parsing and non-validating XML. For full documentation, see the POD documentation for XML::LibXML. The documentation in ...

NWETTERS/XML-LibXML-Fixup-0.03 - 26 Sep 2002 11:30:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Meta::Xml::LibXML - extend/enhance the XML::LibXML module. ++

This class extends the XML::LibXML class to do aegis path resolution. Just call the new_aegis method and get a parser which does that for you. FUNCTIONS resolver($$) new_aegis($) parse_file($$) check_file($$) TEST($) FUNCTION DOCUMENTATION resolver($...

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XML::LibXML::Tools - An API for easy XML::LibXML DOM manipulation ++

Hands an interface for merging, updating, adding and deleting a XML::LibXML::Document in an easy fashion. CONSTANTS Constants are exported for your ease. BEFORE => "before"; AFTER => "after"; TO => "to"; All these constants can be used for the locati...

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XML::LibXML::Cache - Document cache for XML::LibXML ++

XML::LibXML::Cache is a cache for XML::LibXML documents loaded from files. It is useful to speed up loading of XML files in persistent web applications. This module caches the document object after the first load and returns the cached version on sub...

NWELLNHOF/XML-LibXML-Cache-0.12 - 24 Aug 2012 12:43:33 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Toolset::LibXML - Interface to LibXML toolset ++

XML::Toolset::LibXML is an interface to the LibXML validating parser which can be used with the XML::Toolset module. METHODS new(%options) Returns a new XML::Toolset::LibXML instance using the specified options. (See OPTIONS below.) validate($xml) Re...

SPADKINS/XML-Toolset-0.50 - 17 Apr 2007 13:34:01 GMT - Search in distribution
  • XML::Toolset - perform XML construction, parsing, validation, and XPath operations using whatever underlying XML library is available (ALPHA!)

XML::LibXML::Augment - extend XML::LibXML::{Attr,Element,Document} on a per-namespace/element basis 2 ++

XML::LibXML is super-awesome. However, I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish it had some domain-specific knowledge. For example, if I have an XML::LibXML::Element which represents an HTML "<form>" element, why can't it have a "submit" method? ...

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XML::LibXML::Simple - XML::LibXML clone of XML::Simple::XMLin() 4 ++

This module is a blunt rewrite of XML::Simple (by Grant McLean) to use the XML::LibXML parser for XML structures, where the original uses plain Perl or SAX parsers. METHODS Constructors XML::LibXML::Simple->new(%options) Instantiate an object, which ...

MARKOV/XML-LibXML-Simple-0.95 - 22 Dec 2014 08:26:44 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML::Enhanced - adds convenience methods to XML::LibXML and LibXSLT ++

ADDED FUNCTIONS $xml = parse_xml_file($filename) $xml = parse_xml_string($string) $xml = parse_xml_chunk($string) Parses a file or string, and returns an XML::LibXML::Document (parse_xml_file(), parse_xml_string()) or XML::LibXML::DocumentFragment (p...

STILLWELL/XML-LibXML-Enhanced-0.01 - 21 Mar 2006 23:29:57 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::XUpdate::LibXML - Simple implementation of XUpdate format ++

This module implements the XUpdate format described in XUpdate Working Draft from 2000-09-14 (http://www.xmldb.org/xupdate/xupdate-wd.html). The implementation is based on XML::LibXML DOM API. "new" my $xupdate = XML::XUpdate::LibXML->new(); Creates ...

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XML::LibXML::Overlay - Overlays for XML files ++

XML::LibXML::Overlay allowes to apply overlay files to XML files. This modul is a rewirte of XML::Overlay, but it uses plain XML::LibXML instead of the Class::XML thru XML::Parser stack. DETAILS XML::LibXML::Overlay inherits from XML::LibXML. So you ...

KALEX/XML-LibXML-Overlay-0.2 - 17 Dec 2009 09:35:04 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML::Debugging - get debugging information from XML::LibXML nodes ++

This module adds a couple of additional methods to XML::LibXML::Node objects which are mostly aimed at helping figure out what's going on with the DOM's namespaces and structure. "toClarkML" produces a string of XML-like markup with explicit namespac...

TOBYINK/XML-LibXML-Debugging-0.103 - 11 Sep 2014 09:55:27 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Validate::LibXML - Interface to LibXML validator ++

XML::Validate::LibXML is an interface to the LibXML validating parser which can be used with the XML::Validate module. METHODS new(%options) Returns a new XML::Validate::LibXML instance using the specified options. (See OPTIONS below.) validate($xml)...

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XML::RPC::Enc::LibXML - Encode/decode XML-RPC using LibXML 1 ++

Default encoder/decoder for XML::RPC::Fast If MIME::Base64 is installed, decoder for "XML-RPC" type "base64" will be setup If DateTime::Format::ISO8601 is installed, decoder for "XML-RPC" type "dateTime.iso8601" will be setup Also will be setup by de...

MONS/XML-RPC-Fast-0.8 - 25 Jan 2012 11:54:50 GMT - Search in distribution
  • XML::RPC::Enc - Base class for XML::RPC encoders
  • XML::RPC::Fast - Fast and modular implementation for an XML-RPC client and server
  • XML::RPC::Fast - Fast and modular implementation for an XML-RPC client and server

XML::LibXML::Iterator - XML::LibXML's Tree Iteration Class ++

XML::LibXML::Iterator is an iterator class for XML::LibXML parsed documents. This class allows to iterate the document tree as it were a linear data structure. It is possible to step back and forth between the nodes of the tree and do certain operati...

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XML::LibXML::PrettyPrint - add pleasant whitespace to a DOM tree ++

Long XML files can be daunting for humans to read. Of course, XML is really designed for computers to read - not people - but there are times when mere mortals do need to read and edit XML by hand. For example, if your application stores its configur...

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XML::LibXML::TreeDumper - print a tree of libxml elements ++
RENEEB/XML-LibXML-TreeDumper-0.02 - 02 Oct 2014 12:05:39 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SimpleObject::LibXML - Perl extension allowing a simple(r) object representation of an XML::LibXML DOM object. ++

This is a short and simple class allowing simple object access to a parsed XML::LibXML tree, with methods for fetching children and attributes in as clean a manner as possible. My apologies for further polluting the XML:: space; this is a small and q...

DBRIAN/XML-SimpleObject-0.53 - 07 Mar 2003 00:47:50 GMT - Search in distribution
  • XML::SimpleObject - Perl extension allowing a simple object representation of a parsed XML::Parser tree.