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XML::SAX - Simple API for XML 4 ++

XML::SAX is a SAX parser access API for Perl. It includes classes and APIs required for implementing SAX drivers, along with a factory class for returning any SAX parser installed on the user's system. USING A SAX2 PARSER The factory class is XML::SA...

GRANTM/XML-SAX-0.99   (4 reviews) - 04 Sep 2011 22:30:56 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Writer::XML 1 ++

... NAME XML::SAX::Writer::XML - SAX2 XML Writer AUTHOR Robin Berjon, robin@knowscape.com COPYRIGHT Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Robin Berjon and Perl XML project. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify i...

PERIGRIN/XML-SAX-Writer-0.54 - 13 Dec 2013 17:44:13 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Tap - Tap a pipeline of SAX processors ++

XML::SAX::Tap is a SAX machine that passes each event it receives on to a brach handler and then on down to it's main handler. This allows debugging output, logging output, validators, and other processors (and machines, of course) to be placed in a ...

PERIGRIN/XML-SAX-Machines-0.46 - 19 Aug 2013 16:16:14 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Base - Base class SAX Drivers and Filters 1 ++

This module has a very simple task - to be a base class for PerlSAX drivers and filters. It's default behaviour is to pass the input directly to the output unchanged. It can be useful to use this module as a base class so you don't have to, for examp...

GRANTM/XML-SAX-Base-1.08 - 14 Sep 2011 08:38:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::XML::SAX - Test XML::SAX handlers 4 ++

This module is for testing XML::SAX handlers. FUNCTIONS All functions are exported. test_sax ( HANDLER, INPUT, EXPECTED [, TESTNAME ] ) This function will process INPUT using HANDLER, and compare the result with EXPECTED. TESTNAME can optionally be u...

SEMANTICO/Test-XML-0.08   (2 reviews) - 02 Jul 2009 06:12:12 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Expat - SAX2 Driver for Expat (XML::Parser) 2 ++

This is an implementation of a SAX2 driver sitting on top of Expat (XML::Parser) which Ken MacLeod posted to perl-xml and which I have updated. It is still incomplete, though most of the basic SAX2 events should be available. The SAX2 spec is current...

BJOERN/XML-SAX-Expat-0.51 - 21 Jan 2014 01:50:43 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Simple - SAX version of XML::Simple ++

XML::SAX::Simple is a very simple version of XML::Simple but for SAX. It can be used as a complete drop-in replacement for XML::Simple. See the documentation for XML::Simple (which is required for this module to work) for details. AUTHOR Matt Sergean...

MSERGEANT/XML-SAX-Simple-0.02 - 21 Nov 2001 10:18:45 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML::SAX - XML::LibXML direct SAX parser 57 ++

XML::LibXML provides an interface to libxml2 direct SAX interface. Through this interface it is possible to generate SAX events directly while parsing a document. While using the SAX parser XML::LibXML will not create a DOM Document tree. Such an int...

SHLOMIF/XML-LibXML-2.0116   (14 reviews) - 12 Apr 2014 08:10:37 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Builder - build XML documents using SAX ++

This module is a set of classes to allow easy construction of XML documents, in particular in association with an XML::SAX pipeline. The default is to output the XML to stdout, although this is easily changed. METHODS new ( [ HANDLER ] ) Return a new...

SEMANTICO/XML-SAX-Builder-0.02 - 24 Apr 2003 13:04:07 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::ExpatXS - Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser 1 ++

XML::SAX::ExpatXS is a direct XS extension to Expat XML parser. It implements Perl SAX 2.1 interface. See http://perl-xml.sourceforge.net/perl-sax/ for Perl SAX API description. Any deviations from the Perl SAX 2.1 specification are considered as bug...

PCIMPRICH/XML-SAX-ExpatXS-1.33 - 26 Oct 2012 07:55:01 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::ExpatNB - A nonblocking filehandle oriented XML::SAX parser, and a namespace consistency link, from XML::Parser::ExpatNB to XML::SAX::Expat::Incremental. ++

XML::Parser::Expat has a variation, called XML::Parser::ExpatNB which is rather stupidly named, IMHO. It's a useful module, though, and in case you got here from there looking for an XML::SAX based wrapper for it, then one exists, but is not named XM...

NUFFIN/XML-SAX-ExpatNB-0.01 - 08 Jan 2005 23:49:10 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Directory::SAX - a subclass to generate SAX events ++
PCIMPRICH/XML-Directory-1.00   (1 review) - 26 Jan 2005 16:02:46 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Bare::SAX::Parser ++

This module uses the 'Bare XML' parser from XML::Bare to generate Perl SAX calls. The parser itself is minimalistic and is a simle state engine written in ~500 lines of C. Supported XML The XML parser used in the module can parse standard XML cleanly...

CODECHILD/XML-Bare-SAX-Parser-0.01   (1 review) - 03 Jul 2008 13:12:08 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::GDOME::SAX::Parser - GDOME DOM based SAX Parser ++

This class allows you to generate SAX2 events using GDOME. Note that this is not a stream based parser, instead it parses documents into a DOM and traverses the DOM tree. The reason being that libxml2's stream based parsing is extremely primitive, an...

TJMATHER/XML-GDOME-0.86   (2 reviews) - 30 Mar 2004 22:17:58 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::SimpleDispatcher - SAX handler to dispatch subroutines based on XPath like simple path and name of children tags under that node. ++

XML::SAX::SimpleDispatcher dispatches subroutine calls based on a XPath like path. This can be handy tweaking children nodes data while parsing data by SAX parser. METHODS new my $handler = XML::SAX::SimpleDispatcher->new( process => { '/MyShelf/Book...

SEKIMURA/XML-SAX-SimpleDispatcher-0.02 - 10 Mar 2009 04:12:59 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML::SAX::ChunkParser - Parse XML Chunks Via LibXML SAX 2 ++

XML::LibXML::SAX::ChunkParser uses XML::LibXML's parse_chunk (as opposed to parse_xml_chunk/parse_balanced_chunk), which XML::LibXML::SAX uses. Its purpose is to simply keep parsing possibly incomplete XML fragments, for example, from a socket. METHO...

DMAKI/XML-LibXML-SAX-ChunkParser-0.00008 - 18 Apr 2014 04:53:21 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::Expat::Incremental - XML::SAX::Expat subclass for non-blocking (incremental) parsing, with "XML::Parser::ExpatNB Methods" in XML::Parser::ExpatNB|XML::Parser::Expat. ++

Most XML parsers give a callback interface within an encapsulated loop. That is, you call $p->parse_whatever($whatever); And eventually, when $whatever is depleted by the parser, "$p->parse" will return. Sometimes you don't want the parser to control...

NUFFIN/XML-SAX-Expat-Incremental-0.05 - 18 Sep 2007 04:58:16 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::SAX::IncrementalBuilder::LibXML - create DOM fragments from SAX events ++

This module builds on XML::LibXML::SAX::Builder to build DOM fragments from SAX events. Instead of (or in addition to) creating a complete DOM tree, it splits up the document into chunks based on the depth they are in the tree. METHODS new Creates a ...

MARTIJN/XML-SAX-IncrementalBuilder-LibXML-0.02 - 29 Jul 2008 13:15:56 GMT - Search in distribution

IOC::Config::XML::SAX::Handler - An XML::SAX handler to read IOC Config files ++

This class is used by IOC::Config::XML to construct the IOC::Registry object hierarchy from the given XML document. There are no user serviceable parts in this module really. But if you want to add handling for any type of custom IOC::Container or IO...

STEVAN/IOC-0.29 - 27 Apr 2007 00:57:28 GMT - Search in distribution
  • IOC - A lightweight IOC (Inversion of Control) framework
  • IOC::Config::XML - An XML Config reader for IOC

URL::Transform::using::XML::SAX - XML::SAX parsing of the html/xml for url transformation ++

This is a helper module to set-up URL::Transform::SAX::Filter for a URL::Transform. You can set which SAX driver will be used by: $XML::SAX::ParserPackage = "XML::LibXML::SAX"; See: XML::SAX::ParserFactory. This module lacks the advanced features of ...

JKUTEJ/URL-Transform-0.01 - 27 Apr 2011 17:56:48 GMT - Search in distribution

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