XML::SemanticDiff - Perl extension for comparing XML documents.

XML::SematicDiff provides a way to compare the contents and structure of two XML documents. By default, it returns a list of hashrefs where each hashref describes a single difference between the two docs....

SHLOMIF/XML-SemanticDiff-1.0005 - 06 Feb 2017 18:24:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::XML - Compare XML in perl tests

This module contains generic XML testing tools. See below for a list of other modules with functions relating to specific XML modules....

SEMANTICO/Test-XML-0.08 - 02 Jul 2009 06:12:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::XML::Ordered - compare two XML files for equivalency, in an ordered fashion.

This module is a test module which compares two XML files for equivalence in an ordered fashion. It was written after I (= Shlomi Fish) realised that XML::SemanticDiff, which is the basis for Test::XML, and which I maintain, compares two XML files fo...

SHLOMIF/Test-XML-Ordered-0.0.9 - 08 Apr 2015 05:59:32 GMT - Search in distribution

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