XPlanner - an interface to XPlanner (www.xplanner.org) River stage zero No dependents

This is an interface to XPlanner, an XP project management tool....

MSCHWERN/XPlanner-0.01 - 27 Jul 2004 23:41:10 GMT - Search in distribution

AtteanX::QueryPlanner::Cache - Extending the query planner with cache and SPARQL support River stage zero No dependents

KJETILK/AtteanX-Query-Cache-0.002 - 14 May 2016 22:39:18 GMT - Search in distribution

AtteanX::API::JoinRotatingPlanner - Query planning role to produce alternative join plans River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

The AtteanX::API::JoinRotatingPlanner role, when used with Attean::QueryPlanner, produces alternatives for join query plans. Specifically, joins of the form (A⋈B)⋈C are rotated to A⋈(B⋈C), with the ability to coalesce B⋈C (e.g. for adjacent BGPs). PO...

GWILLIAMS/Attean-0.019 - 04 Feb 2018 22:42:56 GMT - Search in distribution

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