perlfunc - Funciones predefinidas en Perl *** DOCUMENTO SIN REVISAR ***

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  • perldoc - Consultar la documentaci√≥n de Perl en formato Pod.

perlfunc - Perl builtin functions

The functions in this section can serve as terms in an expression. They fall into two major categories: list operators and named unary operators. These differ in their precedence relationship with a following comma. (See the precedence table in perlo...

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  • perlembed - how to embed perl in your C program
  • perl5120delta - what is new for perl v5.12.0
  • Pumpkin - Notes on handling the Perl Patch Pumpkin And Porting Perl


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inc - Smart @INC Processing

The "inc" module redefines @INC to a list of predefined *smart objects*. These objects are really just code refs for handy lookup techniques. For example, only finding modules that were core in Perl 5.8.1, or only finding non-core modules that are de...

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Convert::Binary::C - Binary Data Conversion using C Types

Convert::Binary::C is a preprocessor and parser for C type definitions. It is highly configurable and supports arbitrarily complex data structures. Its object-oriented interface has "pack" and "unpack" methods that act as replacements for Perl's "pac...

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perldoc - Look up Perl documentation in Pod format.

perldoc looks up documentation in .pod format that is embedded in the perl installation tree or in a perl script, and displays it using a variety of formatters. This is primarily used for the documentation for the perl library modules. Your system ma...

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dist_surveyor - determine exactly what dist versions are installed

This utility examines all the modules installed within the specified perl library directory and uses the metacpan API to work out what versions of what distributions could have provided those modules. It then works out which of those candidate distri...

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lib::core::only - Remove all non-core paths from @INC to avoid site/vendor dirs

lib::core::only is simply a shortcut to say "please reduce my @INC to only the core lib and archlib (architecture-specific lib) directories of this perl". You might want to do this to ensure a local::lib contains only the code you need, or to test an...

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Devel::DebugInit - Perl extension for creating a debugger initialization files from C header file macros

Devel::DebugInit is aimed at C/C++ developers who want access to C macro definitions from within a debugger. It provides a simple and automated way of creating debugger initialization files for a specific project. The initialization files created con...

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Module::Which::P5Path - Translate paths to Config-relative paths

The Perl 5 configuration has a number of parameters which are library paths used for finding ".pm", ".pl" and related files. For example, "installarchlib" and "sitelib". These are used by the "perl" executable to build the @INC variable at script sta...

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