autobox::Closure::Attributes - closures are objects are closures

The venerable master Qc Na was walking with his student, Anton. Hoping to prompt the master into a discussion, Anton said "Master, I have heard that objects are a very good thing - is this true?" Qc Na looked pityingly at his student and replied, "Fo...

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WWW::Workflowy - Faked up API interface to the collaborative outlining webapp

All methods "Carp::confess" on error. Trap errors with Try::Tiny, "eval { }", or similar to attempt to recover from them. Each node has this structure: { 'lm' => 1270, # time delta last modified; usually not too interesting 'nm' => 'Test 2.1', # text...

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Acme::RightSideOutObject - Turn Class::InsideOut objects back right side out

Exports "guts()" which takes a Class::InsideOut object and returns a normal blessed hashref object. One of the most serious flaws of Class::InsideOut is that it encapsulates data, making it difficult to directly minipulate the object's internal state...

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