Bio::DB::DBI - DESCRIPTION of Interface

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Deobfuscator - get BioPerl method and package information from a Berkeley DB

The Deobfuscator module contains functions which relate to retrieving specific types of documentation about BioPerl packages and methods. The script reads through all of the BioPerl files, extracts the documentation, and stores it in tw...

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bioseq - FASTA sequence utility based on Bio::Perl

ROCKY/Bio-BPWrapper-1.11 - 02 Jul 2016 04:08:09 GMT - Search in distribution


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AlignAid - easily run sequence alignments locally or on a cluster

AlignAid is designed to make it easy to run the sequence alignment programs Blast and cross_match. AlignAid can accept a large number of query sequences. If a compute cluster queue such as LSF or PBS is available, AlignAid can automatically split the...

DMESSINA/AlignAid-v0.0.2 - 16 Dec 2006 01:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution - A script to convert a data file to a bed file.

This program will convert a tab-delimited data file into a BED file, according to the specifications here <>. A minimum of three and a maximum of six columns may be generated. Thin and thick ...

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bp_einfo - Query einfo to find all available databases or information about a specific database (field information or links to other NCBI databases).

Command line options: -e/--email Valid email (required by NCBI policy) -d/--db/--database NCBI database to query (default = none, which shows available databases) -f/--field print out information about a specific field code (default = none) -l/--link...

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Boulder::Genbank - Fetch Genbank data records as parsed Boulder Stones

Boulder::Genbank provides retrieval and parsing services for NCBI Genbank-format records. It returns Genbank entries in Stone format, allowing easy access to the various fields and values. Boulder::Genbank is a descendent of Boulder::Stream, and prov...

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GO::AppHandle - Gene Ontology Data API handle

This is a module for accessing Gene Ontology data sources, e.g the GO relational database. It defines a set of methods that provide a consistent interface independent of the way the GO data is stored. For an explanation of the GO project, please visi...

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Module::Build::Functions - Module::Install style syntax for Module::Build

This module gives a Module::Install-like syntax to Module::Build, using modules (other than Module::Build itself) that are in the core in 5.006. Most commands from Module::Install are supported, and most parameters to Module::Build's "new" routine ar...

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Bio::Graphics::Feature - A simple feature object for use with Bio::Graphics::Panel

This is a simple Bio::SeqFeatureI-compliant object that is compatible with Bio::Graphics::Panel. With it you can create lightweight feature objects for drawing. All methods are as described in Bio::SeqFeatureI with the following additions: The new() ...

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Bio::DB::HTS - Read files using HTSlib including BAM/CRAM, Tabix and BCF database files

This module provides a Perl interface to the HTSlib library for indexed and unindexed SAM/BAM sequence alignment databases. It provides support for retrieving information on individual alignments, read pairs, and alignment coverage information across...

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Bio::DB::Sam - Read SAM/BAM database files

This module provides a Perl interface to the libbam library for indexed and unindexed SAM/BAM sequence alignment databases. It provides support for retrieving information on individual alignments, read pairs, and alignment coverage information across...

LDS/Bio-SamTools-1.43 - 12 Feb 2016 19:33:32 GMT - Search in distribution

FAST::Bio::Seq - Sequence object, with features

A Seq object is a sequence with sequence features placed on it. The Seq object contains a PrimarySeq object for the actual sequence and also implements its interface. In Bioperl we have 3 main players that people are going to use frequently FAST::Bio...

DHARD/FAST-1.06 - 21 Apr 2015 08:04:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Ace::Graphics::Panel - PNG graphics of Ace::Sequence::Feature objects

The Ace::Graphics::Panel class provides drawing and formatting services for Ace::Sequence::Feature objects or Das::Segment::Feature objects. Typically you will begin by creating a new Ace::Graphics::Panel object, passing it the width of the visual di...

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GOBO::Doc::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Bio::Grep::Backend::BackendI - Superclass for all back-ends

Bio::Grep::Backend::BackendI is the superclass for all back-ends. Don't use this class directly....

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Bio::DB::BiblioI - an interface to a Bibliographic Query Service

This interface describes the methods for accessing a bibliographic repository, for querying it and for retrieving citations from it. The retrieved citations are in XML format and can be converted to perl objects using *Bio::Biblio::IO*. The interface...

CDRAUG/Bio-Biblio-1.70 - 24 Mar 2013 00:19:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Bio::Community::IO - Read and write files that describe communities

A Bio::Community::IO object implement methods to read and write communities in formats used by popular programs such as BIOM, GAAS, QIIME, Unifrac, or as generic tab-separated tables. The format should be automatically detected though it can be manua...

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