BioPerl - Perl Modules for Biology

BioPerl is the product of a community effort to produce Perl code which is useful in biology. Examples include Sequence objects, Alignment objects and database searching objects. These objects not only do what they are advertised to do in the documen...

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Mecom - A Perl module for protein contact interfaces evolutive analysis

This module integrates a workflow aimed to address the evolvability of the contact interfaces within a protein complex. The method "Mecom->run" launchs the whole analysis. Also, such workflow is divided into the following steps: Step 1, Structural an...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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FAST::Bio::SeqIO - Handler for SeqIO Formats

FAST::Bio::SeqIO is a handler module for the formats in the SeqIO set (eg, FAST::Bio::SeqIO::fasta). It is the officially sanctioned way of getting at the format objects, which most people should use. The FAST::Bio::SeqIO system can be thought of lik...

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Bio::Trace::ABIF - Perl extension for reading and parsing ABIF (Applied Biosystems, Inc. Format) files

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Bio::Align::Subset - A BioPerl module to generate new alignments as subset from larger alignments

Given an array of codon positions and an alignment, the function Bio::Align::Subset->build_subset returns a new alignment with the codons at those positions from the original alignment....

HVALVERDE/Bio-Align-Subset-1.27 - 08 May 2013 17:33:42 GMT - Search in distribution - A program to collect data in bins across a list of features.

This program will collect data across a gene or feature body into numerous percentile bins. It is used to determine if there is a spatial distribution preference for the dataset over gene bodies. The number of bins may be specified as a command argum...

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