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PPR - Pattern-based Perl Recognizer River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 33 total dependents

The PPR module provides a single regular expression that defines a set of independent subpatterns suitable for matching entire Perl documents, as well as a wide range of individual syntactic components of Perl (i.e. statements, expressions, control b...

DCONWAY/PPR-0.001008 - 11 Apr 2023 05:50:32 UTC - Search in distribution
  • PPR::X - Pattern-based Perl Recognizer
  • - Generate test of block matching by scouring a source tree
  • - Generate test of statement matching by scouring a source tree

Dios - Declarative Inside-Out Syntax River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a set of compile-time keywords that simplify the declaration of encapsulated classes using fieldhashes and the "inside out" technique, as well as subroutines with full parameter specifications. The encapsulation, constructor/init...

DCONWAY/Dios-0.002012 - 04 Feb 2022 00:31:07 UTC - Search in distribution
  • Dios::Types - Type checking for the Dios framework (and everyone else too)
  • Dios::Types::Pure - Type checking for the Dios framework (and everyone else too)

Object::InsideOut - Comprehensive inside-out object support module River stage two • 23 direct dependents • 38 total dependents

This module provides comprehensive support for implementing classes using the inside-out object model. Object::InsideOut implements inside-out objects as anonymous scalar references that are blessed into a class with the scalar containing the ID for ...

JDHEDDEN/Object-InsideOut-4.05 - 27 Nov 2018 03:43:51 UTC - Search in distribution

Parse::RecDescent - Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers River stage three • 129 direct dependents • 778 total dependents

Overview Parse::RecDescent incrementally generates top-down recursive-descent text parsers from simple *yacc*-like grammar specifications. It provides: * Regular expressions or literal strings as terminals (tokens), * Multiple (non-contiguous) produc...

JTBRAUN/Parse-RecDescent-1.967015 - 04 Apr 2017 14:54:55 UTC - Search in distribution

Class::Std - Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes River stage two • 32 direct dependents • 57 total dependents

This module provides tools that help to implement the "inside out object" class structure in a convenient and standard way. *Portions of the following code and documentation from "Perl Best Practices" copyright (c) 2005 by O'Reilly Media, Inc. and re...

CHORNY/Class-Std-0.013 - 24 May 2015 13:11:26 UTC - Search in distribution

Perl6::Rules - Implements (most of) the Perl 6 regex syntax River stage zero No dependents

This module implements a close simulation of the Perl 6 rule and grammar constructs, translating them back to Perl 5 regexes via a source filter. (And hence suffers from all the usual limitations of a source filter, including the ability to translate...

DCONWAY/Perl6-Rules-0.03 - 12 Apr 2004 20:13:31 UTC - Search in distribution

simple_scan - scan a set of Web pages for strings present/absent River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

"simple_scan" is an extensible "little language" for static web page testing. It allows you to define tests in terms of *test specs* (which tell "simple_scan" where to go and what to look for there) and *pragmas* (which define string substitutions, o...

MCMAHON/App-SimpleScan-3.01 - 08 Jun 2010 22:03:37 UTC - Search in distribution

explica - Translate Perligata's ERL documentation format to POD and then format it with Perldoc River stage zero No dependents

DCONWAY/Lingua-Romana-Perligata-0.604 - 12 Nov 2022 04:11:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Regexp::Grammars - Add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes River stage three • 19 direct dependents • 631 total dependents

This module adds a small number of new regex constructs that can be used within Perl 5.10 patterns to implement complete recursive-descent parsing. Perl 5.10 already supports recursive-descent *matching*, via the new "(?<name>...)" and "(?&name)" con...

DCONWAY/Regexp-Grammars-1.058 - 15 Sep 2022 01:31:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Reform - Manual text wrapping and reformatting River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 67 total dependents

The "form" sub The "form()" subroutine may be exported from the module. It takes a series of format (or "picture") strings followed by replacement values, interpolates those values into each picture string, and returns the result. The effect is simil...

CHORNY/Text-Reform-1.20 - 05 Sep 2009 22:26:56 UTC - Search in distribution

IO::Prompter - Prompt for input, read it, clean it, return it. River stage two • 17 direct dependents • 21 total dependents

IO::Prompter exports a single subroutine, "prompt", that prints a prompt (but only if the program's selected input and output streams are connected to a terminal), then reads some input, then chomps it, and finally returns an object representing that...

DCONWAY/IO-Prompter-0.005001 - 16 Jul 2023 20:54:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Code::ART - Analyze/Rename/Track Perl source code River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a range of subroutines to help you refactor valid Perl source into cleaner, better decomposed code. The module also comes with a Vim plugin to plumb those refactoring behaviours directly into that editor (see "Vim integration"). ...

DCONWAY/Code-ART-0.000005 - 26 Jun 2020 10:58:15 UTC - Search in distribution

Devel::Comments - Debug with executable smart comments to logs River stage zero No dependents

*I get the feeling that the computer just skips over all the comments.* -- a grad student Devel::Comments is a source filter for your Perl code, intended to be used only during development. Specially-formatted 'smart' comments are replaced by executa...

XIONG/Devel-Comments-v1.1.4 - 07 Aug 2011 14:23:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Config::Std - Load and save configuration files in a standard format River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This module implements yet another damn configuration-file system. The configuration language is deliberately simple and limited, and the module works hard to preserve as much information (section order, comments, etc.) as possible when a configurati...

BRICKER/Config-Std-0.903 - 07 Oct 2017 02:48:11 UTC - Search in distribution

reform - Third millenium syntax for Perl 5 OOP River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a less awkward syntax for Perl 5 OOP. "reform" must be the first thing to be used in your code, even above your package declaration. Shorthand inheritance Rather than using the cumbersome "use base 'Parent'" you may write: packag...

HKOCH/reform-0.3 - 10 Aug 2008 22:09:28 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Autoformat - Automatic text wrapping and reformatting River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 62 total dependents

Paragraphs The fundamental task of the "autoformat" subroutine is to identify and rearrange independent paragraphs in a text. Paragraphs typically consist of a series of lines containing at least one non-whitespace character, followed by one or more ...

NEILB/Text-Autoformat-1.75 - 13 Aug 2019 10:43:04 UTC - Search in distribution

Contextual::Return - Create context-sensitive return values River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 37 total dependents

Usually, when you need to create a subroutine that returns different values in different contexts (list, scalar, or void), you write something like: sub get_server_status { my ($server_ID) = @_; # Acquire server data somehow... my %server_data = _asc...

DCONWAY/Contextual-Return-0.004014 - 14 Apr 2017 08:47:19 UTC - Search in distribution

AI::FreeHAL::Class - Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes River stage zero No dependents

This module provides tools that help to implement the "inside out object" class structure in a convenient and standard way. *Portions of the following code and documentation from "Perl Best Practices" copyright (c) 2005 by O'Reilly Media, Inc. and re...

TSCHULZ/FreeHAL-71 - 09 Nov 2008 17:36:12 UTC - Search in distribution

Toolkit - Keep your handy modules organized River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The Toolkit module provides a standard location to store modules that you use all the time, and then loads them for you automatically. For example, instead of always writing: use strict; use warnings; use Carp; use Smart::Comments; in every program/m...

DCONWAY/Toolkit-0.0.2 - 03 Aug 2005 20:03:57 UTC - Search in distribution

Perl6::Pod - Pod6 implementation River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Pod is an evolution of Perl 5's Plain Old Documentation (POD) markup. Compared to Perl 5 POD, Perldoc's Pod dialect is much more uniform, somewhat more compact, and considerably more expressive. The Pod dialect also differs in that it is a purely des...

ZAG/Perl6-Pod-0.74 - 15 Mar 2020 09:19:57 UTC - Search in distribution
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