Net::Delicious::Simple - Net::Delicious for backups

If you want to do anything interesting with automation, you probably want Net::Delicious. It's good. This module is not. It's just here to return all of your tags or posts as a basic Perl data structure. This makes it very easy to store t...

RJBS/delicious-backup-0.013 - 07 Apr 2008 19:09:49 GMT - Search in distribution

BigIP::iControl - A Perl interface to the F5 iControl API

This package provides a Perl interface to the F5 BigIP iControl API. The F5 BigIP iControl API is an open SOAP/XML for communicating with supported F5 BigIP products. The primary aim of this package is to provide a simplified interface to an already ...

LTP/BigIP-iControl-0.098 - 02 Nov 2015 00:10:56 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Scraper::Delicious - Retrieve links from

This module implements a very simple and effective way to scrape links from the site without the requirement of using the API, authentication, or RSS. Although links can be scraped from any valid URL, the i...

AGF/WWW-Scraper-Delicious-0.10 - 04 Oct 2006 22:06:41 GMT - Search in distribution

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