geoip - a tool to show geographical data based on hostname or IP address(es) River stage zero No dependents

This tool uses a database to use the (pre-fetched) GeoIP2 data from MaxMind to show related geographical information for IP addresses. This information can optionally be extended with information from online WHOIS services and or derived data, like d...

HMBRAND/App-geoip-0.14 - 23 Dec 2020 14:03:19 UTC - Search in distribution
  • App::geoip - a tool to show geographical data based on hostname or IP address(es)

XML::Twig - A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode. River stage three • 80 direct dependents • 234 total dependents

This module provides a way to process XML documents. It is build on top of "XML::Parser". The module offers a tree interface to the document, while allowing you to output the parts of it that have been completely processed. It allows minimal resource...

MIROD/XML-Twig-3.52 - 23 Nov 2016 17:21:16 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Tree - build and scan parse-trees of HTML River stage four • 170 direct dependents • 1100 total dependents

HTML-Tree is a suite of Perl modules for making parse trees out of HTML source. It consists of mainly two modules, whose documentation you should refer to: HTML::TreeBuilder and HTML::Element. HTML::TreeBuilder is the module that builds the parse tre...

KENTNL/HTML-Tree-5.07 - 31 Aug 2017 08:53:16 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Fetchware - App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions. River stage zero No dependents

App::Fetchware represents fetchware's API. For ducumentation on how to use App::Fetchware's fetchware command line interface see fetchware. It is the heart and soul of fetchware where all of fetchware's main behaviors are kept. It is fetchware's API,...

DLY/App-Fetchware-1.016 - 07 Oct 2016 04:23:59 UTC - Search in distribution

htmlsel - Select HTML::Element nodes using CSel syntax River stage zero No dependents

This utility uses CSel to select against a tree of HTML::Element nodes constructed by HTML::TreeBuilder. You probably want to use html-css-sel instead. About the tree: the root node is HTML::TreeBuilder object. HTML::TreeBuilder is a subclass of HTML...

PERLANCAR/App-htmlsel-0.010 - 26 Aug 2020 00:06:16 UTC - Search in distribution

Task::Kensho - A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Task::Kensho is a list of recommended, widely used and best-in-class modules for Enlightened Perl development. CPAN is wonderful, but there are too many wheels and you have to pick and choose amongst the various competing technologies. From <http://e...

ETHER/Task-Kensho-0.41 - 03 Jul 2021 03:40:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Distill - Quick texts compare, plagiarism and common parts detection River stage zero No dependents

GRIBUSER/Text-Distill-0.5 - 09 Oct 2020 11:13:44 UTC - Search in distribution

MKDoc::XML - The MKDoc XML Toolkit River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

BPOSTLE/MKDoc-XML-0.75 - 10 Mar 2005 15:16:43 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::DOMbo - convert between XML::DOM and {XML/HTML}::Element trees River stage zero No dependents

This class puts a method into HTML::Element called "to_XML_DOM", and puts into the class XML::DOM::Node two methods, "to_HTML_Element" and "to_XML_Element". to_XML_DOM The class HTML::TreeBuilder robustly produces parse trees of HTML, but the trees a...

SBURKE/HTML-DOMbo-3.10 - 05 Jan 2005 06:19:52 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::SYP - SYP's cozy environment River stage zero No dependents

SYP/Bundle-SYP-1.5 - 24 Jun 2014 07:39:33 UTC - Search in distribution

Finance::Quant - Generic envirorment for Qunatitative Analysis in finance River stage zero No dependents

First: We analysing for all symbols in Finance::Quant::Symbols and fresch NASDAQ symbolsname the recommendations released by Institutional Brokers Estimate System IBES Second: process the StrongBuy contracts with R long strategy Last: Publishing the ...

SANTEX/Finance-Quant-0.09 - 17 Feb 2012 17:47:28 UTC - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::LESPEA - Modules that LESPEA uses on a daily basis River stage zero No dependents

LESPEA/Task-BeLike-LESPEA-2.005000 - 12 Mar 2014 14:47:57 UTC - Search in distribution

WWW::Wikevent::Bot River stage zero No dependents

WWW::Wikevent::Bot is a package which will help you write scraper scripts for gathering events from venue and artist websites and for inclusion in the Free content events compendium, Wikevent. The module takes care of the tedium of interaction with t...

MARKJ/WWW-Wikevent-Bot-0.2.0 - 24 Sep 2007 07:26:49 UTC - Search in distribution

XML::Lenient - extracts strings from HTML, XML and similarly tagged text. River stage zero No dependents

What XML::Lenient is meant to parse markup languages such as HTML and XML in the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is going to break every rule in the book. It will handle malformed XML, wrongly nested HTML tags and everything else that I have throw...

DAVIES/XML-Lenient-1.0.1 - 15 Nov 2016 13:27:29 UTC - Search in distribution

Pod::HTML2Pod - translate HTML into POD River stage zero No dependents

Larry Wall once said (1999-08-27, on the "pod-people" list, I do believe): "The whole point of pod is to get people to document stuff they wouldn't document in any other form." To that end, I wrote this module so that people who are unpracticed with ...

SBURKE/Pod-HTML2Pod-4.05 - 30 Dec 2004 07:49:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Module::Format::ModuleList - an ordered list of Module::Format::Module. River stage zero No dependents

SHLOMIF/Module-Format-0.4.0 - 06 Apr 2020 14:21:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Email::Mailer - Multi-purpose emailer for HTML, auto-text, attachments, and templates River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

Following the charter and example of Email::Simple, this module provides a simple and flexible interface to sending various types of email including plain text, HTML/text multi-part, attachment support, and template hooks. The module depends on a ser...

GRYPHON/Email-Mailer-1.18 - 03 May 2021 14:21:57 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::ExtractMain - Extract the main content of a web page River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

ANIRVAN/HTML-ExtractMain-0.63 - 19 May 2013 15:39:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Task::Kensho::WebCrawling - A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl: Web Crawling River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

From <>: Kenshō (見性) (C. Wu) is a Japanese term for enlightenment experiences - most commonly used within the confines of Zen Buddhism - literally meaning "seeing one's nature"[1] or "true self."[2] It generally "re...

ETHER/Task-Kensho-WebCrawling-0.41 - 03 Jul 2021 03:33:46 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::TableContentParser - Do interesting things with the contents of tables. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This package parses tables out of HTML. The return from the parse is a reference to an array containing the tables found. Tables appear in the output in the order in which they are encountered. If a table is nested inside a cell of another table, it ...

WYANT/HTML-TableContentParser-0.305 - 03 Aug 2021 13:40:03 UTC - Search in distribution
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