Statistics::R::Legacy - Legacy methods for Statistics::R River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Do not use this module directly. Use Statistics::R instead. This module contains legacy methods for *Statistics::R*. They are provided solely so that code that uses older versions of *Statistics::R* does not crash with recent version. Do not use thes...

FANGLY/Statistics-R-0.34 - 19 Oct 2015 17:40:42 UTC - Search in distribution

pl - Perl One-Liner Examples River stage zero No dependents

PFEIFFER/App-pl-0.59.0 - 13 Oct 2020 21:50:51 UTC - Search in distribution

CPAN - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites River stage three • 54 direct dependents • 557 total dependents

The CPAN module automates or at least simplifies the make and install of perl modules and extensions. It includes some primitive searching capabilities and knows how to use LWP, HTTP::Tiny, Net::FTP and certain external download clients to fetch dist...

ANDK/CPAN-2.28 - 13 Jun 2020 04:57:39 UTC - Search in distribution

lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror River stage two • 37 direct dependents • 58 total dependents

This application is a convenient bundling of "CPAN::Mini" and an indexer so in addition to creating your local CPAN mirror and installing modules from it, you can also query various things about your local CPAN mirror quickly from the command-line (a...

PERLANCAR/App-lcpan-1.062 - 13 Aug 2020 07:24:35 UTC - Search in distribution

perlhist - the Perl history records River stage five • 10947 direct dependents • 31411 total dependents

This document aims to record the Perl source code releases....

XSAWYERX/perl-5.32.0 - 20 Jun 2020 20:38:54 UTC - Search in distribution

wordlist - Grep words from WordList::* River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 3 total dependents

PERLANCAR/App-wordlist-0.277 - 23 Aug 2020 00:56:24 UTC - Search in distribution

MIME::Fast - Parsing MIME messages (wrapper for C gmime library) River stage zero No dependents

MIME::Fast is a perl module for creating, editing and parsing MIME messages. This module is based on the very good C library called gmime. MIME::Fast outght to be faster and should use less memory and CPU resources than standard MIME (perl module), b...

MAKLER/MIME-Fast-1.6 - 17 Dec 2004 12:47:19 UTC - Search in distribution

biotree - Tree manipulations based on BioPerl River stage zero No dependents

Designed as a UNIX-like utility, biotree reads a tree file and reformats branches and nodes based on these BioPerl modules: Bio::TreeIO, Bio::Tree::Tree, Bio::Tree::Node, and Bio::Tree::TreeFunctionsI. Trees can be in any format supported by Bio::Tre...

ROCKY/Bio-BPWrapper-1.13 - 02 Apr 2020 19:04:03 UTC - Search in distribution
  • biopop - SNP statistics based on BioPerl

CHANGES - Revision history for WordNet::SenseRelate::AllWords River stage zero No dependents

0.19 Date : May 27, 2009 1) Added --backoff option to This option backs off to WordNet sense1 if the measure can't assign any sense. 2) used querySense and reformatted the original text that contained the first word in the ...

TPEDERSE/WordNet-SenseRelate-AllWords-0.19 - 28 May 2009 01:46:03 UTC - Search in distribution

perlcompile - Introduction to the Perl Compiler-Translator River stage zero No dependents

Perl has always had a compiler: your source is compiled into an internal form (a parse tree, "optree") which is then optimized before being run. Since version 5.005, Perl has shipped with a module capable of inspecting the optimized optree (B), and t...

RURBAN/B-C-1.57 - 07 May 2019 12:10:41 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Info - Information about the CGI environment River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

NHORNE/CGI-Info-0.70 - 07 Jun 2019 16:40:58 UTC - Search in distribution

Math::Cephes - perl interface to the cephes math library River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

This module provides an interface to over 150 functions of the cephes math library of Stephen Moshier. No functions are exported by default, but rather must be imported explicitly, as in use Math::Cephes qw(sin cos); There are a number of export tags...

SHLOMIF/Math-Cephes-0.5305 - 06 May 2016 15:18:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Control::CLI::Extreme - Interact with CLI of Extreme Networking products over any of Telnet, SSH or Serial port River stage zero No dependents

Control::CLI::Extreme is a sub-class of Control::CLI allowing CLI interaction customized for Extreme (including ex-Avaya/ex Nortel Enterprise) Networking products over any of Telnet, SSH or Serial port. It is a drop in replacement for the Control::CL...

LSTEVENS/Control-CLI-Extreme-1.04 - 25 Apr 2020 11:56:01 UTC - Search in distribution

FFI::Platypus - Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI. No XS required. River stage two • 51 direct dependents • 65 total dependents

Platypus is a library for creating interfaces to machine code libraries written in languages like C, C++, Go, Fortran, Rust, Pascal. Essentially anything that gets compiled into machine code. This implementation uses "libffi" to accomplish this task....

PLICEASE/FFI-Platypus-1.34 - 23 Oct 2020 15:07:36 UTC - Search in distribution

Robotics::IRobot - provides interface to iRobot Roomba and Create robots River stage zero No dependents

Robotics::IRobot provides an interface for controlling and accessing sensor data from iRobot robots that support the OI Interface. This module provides on object oriented interface to the robot and allows for both event-driven and polling-based readi...

RATLIFFM/Robotics-IRobot-0.14 - 26 Feb 2011 19:27:23 UTC - Search in distribution

Regexp::Assemble - Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE River stage two • 26 direct dependents • 90 total dependents

Regexp::Assemble takes an arbitrary number of regular expressions and assembles them into a single regular expression (or RE) that matches all that the individual REs match. As a result, instead of having a large list of expressions to loop over, a t...

RSAVAGE/Regexp-Assemble-0.38 - 19 Jun 2017 23:15:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Delimited::Marpa - Extract delimited text sequences from strings River stage zero No dependents

Text::Delimited::Marpa provides a Marpa::R2-based parser for extracting delimited text sequences from strings. The text between the delimiters is stored as nodes in a tree managed by Tree. The delimiters, and the text outside the delimiters, is not s...

RSAVAGE/Text-Delimited-Marpa-1.00 - 27 Jan 2015 21:56:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Games::Cards::Poker - Pure Perl Poker functions River stage zero No dependents

Poker provides a few functions for creating decks of cards and manipulating them for simple Poker games or simulations....

PIP/Games-Cards-Poker-1.4 - 07 Jun 2017 02:15:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Lingua::Orthon - Orthographic similarity of string to one or more others by Coltheart's N and related measures River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Lingua-Orthon provides measures of similarity of character strings based on their orthographic identity, as relevant to psycholinguistic research. Case- and mark-sensitivity for determining character equality can be controlled. Wraps to Levenshtein D...

RGARTON/Lingua-Orthon-0.03 - 24 Mar 2018 02:20:51 UTC - Search in distribution

Game::PseudoRand - pseudo random distribution functions River stage zero No dependents

This module creates Pseudo Random Distribution (PRD) random functions. For example one may construct a function that returns true 25% of the time but one with a rather different distribution than from a typical random function: typically a distributi...

JMATES/Game-PseudoRand-0.03 - 02 Jul 2019 17:36:58 UTC - Search in distribution

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