Geo::GNUPlot - Perl extension for plotting position tracks onto a world map. River stage zero No dependents

This program plots a set of latitude/longitude pairs as a track on a world map using gnuplot. The plot radius is determined by a user defined radius function....

CARPENTER/Geo-GNUPlot_0.01 - 17 Nov 1999 00:12:40 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::Gnuplot - lowlevel graphics using gnuplot drawing routines. River stage zero No dependents

Below I include the contents of the file term/README from gnuplot distribution (see "gnuplot term/README"). It explains the meaning of the methods of "SYNOPSIS". All methods are supported under Perl, the "options" method is available as set_options()...

ILYAZ/Term-Gnuplot-0.90380906 - 01 Aug 2018 12:13:22 UTC - Search in distribution

Alien::Gnuplot - Find and verify functionality of the gnuplot executable. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Alien::Gnuplot verifies existence and sanity of the gnuplot external application. It only declares one access method, "Alien::Gnuplot::load_gnuplot", which does the actual work and is called automatically at load time. Alien::Gnuplot doesn't have any...

ETJ/Alien-Gnuplot-1.034 - 23 Jul 2021 01:37:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Chart::Gnuplot - Plot graph using Gnuplot in Perl on the fly River stage three • 9 direct dependents • 225 total dependents

This Perl module is to plot graphs uning GNUPLOT on the fly. In order to use this module, gnuplot need to be installed. If image format other than PS and EPS is required to generate, it is recommended to install the convert program of ImageMagick as ...

KWMAK/Chart-Gnuplot-0.23 - 18 Feb 2015 09:08:13 UTC - Search in distribution

Gnuplot::Simple - A simple way to control Gnuplot River stage zero No dependents

FINNPERL/Gnuplot-Simple-0.013 - 31 Aug 2016 16:57:19 UTC - Search in distribution

Gnuplot::Builder - object-oriented gnuplot script builder River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Gnuplot::Builder is a gnuplot script builder. Its advantages include: * Object-oriented. Script settings are encapsulated in a Gnuplot::Builder::Script object, and dataset parameters are in a Gnuplot::Builder::Dataset object. It eliminates global var...

TOSHIOITO/Gnuplot-Builder-0.31 - 29 Nov 2015 03:29:15 UTC - Search in distribution

Chart::Gnuplot::Pie - Plot pie chart using Gnuplot on the fly River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an interface for plotting pie charts using Gnuplot, which has not built-in command for pie. This module is an implementation of the idea of The Impossible Gnuplot Graphs <>. G...

KWMAK/Chart-Gnuplot-Pie-0.04 - 25 Apr 2013 16:18:42 UTC - Search in distribution

PDL::Demos::Gnuplot - demonstrate PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot capabilities River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

ETJ/PDL-Graphics-Gnuplot-2.021 - 02 Mar 2022 00:01:05 UTC - Search in distribution

Quiq::Gnuplot::Plot - Gnuplot-Plot River stage zero No dependents

Ein Objekt der Klasse repräsentiert einen Plot. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 3: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'repräsentiert'. Assuming CP1252...

FSEITZ/Quiq-1.203 - 30 Jun 2022 16:26:48 UTC - Search in distribution

Chart::Graph::Gnuplot River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

*gnuplot()* is a function in module Chart::Graph that lets you generate graphs on the fly in perl. It was written as a front-end application to gnuplot for hassle-free generation of graphs. *gnuplot()* can be supplied with many of the same options an...

CAIDAPERL/Chart-Graph-3.2 - 07 Jun 2006 21:12:15 UTC - Search in distribution

Gnuplot::Builder::TempFile - gnuplot wrapper using temporary files River stage zero No dependents

Gnuplot::Builder::TempFile is an implementation of "gnuplot_builder_tempfile_wrapper" command bundled in this distribution. "gnuplot_builder_tempfile_wrapper" wraps a gnuplot process with a temporary file. It receives script text from STDIN, stores t...

TOSHIOITO/Gnuplot-Builder-TempFile-0.03 - 17 Aug 2014 03:00:19 UTC - Search in distribution

Lab::Moose::DataFile::Gnuplot - Text based data file ('Gnuplot style') River stage zero No dependents

AKHUETTEL/Lab-Measurement-3.821 - 19 Jun 2022 12:16:00 UTC - Search in distribution

App::PerlShell::Plugin::Gnuplot - Gnuplot River stage zero No dependents

This module implements Gnuplot integration with Chart::Gnuplot....

VINSWORLD/App-PerlShell-1.08 - 08 Jun 2021 20:29:31 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/PDL/Graphics/Simple/ River stage zero No dependents

ETJ/PDL-Graphics-Simple-1.007 - 17 Aug 2021 12:13:56 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Basis::ConvertText2::Plugin::Gnuplot River stage zero No dependents

convert a gnuplot text string into a PNG, requires gnuplot program

MOODFARM/App-Basis-ConvertText2-0.4 - 14 May 2014 09:19:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Monitor::GnuPlot - Display progress of a graph layout using gnuplot River stage zero No dependents

Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Monitor::GnuPlot is a simple class based on gnuplot that is meant to help you to monitor the progress of a graph layout. It has the right interface so it can be directly used as the value of the monitor parameter to Graph::L...

THOSPEL/Graph-Layout-Aesthetic-0.12 - 30 Nov 2005 22:39:36 UTC - Search in distribution

App::GnuplotUtils - Utilities related to plotting data using gnuplot River stage zero No dependents

This distributions provides the following command-line utilities. They are mostly simple/convenience wrappers for gnuplot: * xyplot...

PERLANCAR/App-GnuplotUtils-0.003 - 16 Nov 2021 00:05:28 UTC - Search in distribution
  • xyplot - Plot XY dataset(s) using gnuplot

Graphics::GnuplotIF - A dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Graphics::GnuplotIF is a simple and easy to use dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot. gnuplot is a freely available, command-driven graphical display tool for Unix. It compiles and works quite well on a number of Unix flavours as well as other operating...

MEHNER/Graphics-GnuplotIF-1.8 - 02 Jan 2016 11:52:55 UTC - Search in distribution

Graphics::GnuplotIF::Shortcut - Alternate interface to Graphics::GnuplotIF River stage zero No dependents

Graphics::GnuplotIF::Shortcut is a wrapper for Graphics::GnuplotIF. The advatage of Graphics::GnuplotIF::Shortcut over Graphics::GnuplotIF is that the code is much better to read. Graphics::GnuplotIF::Shortcut inherits from Graphics::GnuplotIF. But y...

BORISZ/Graphics-GnuplotIF-Shortcut-0.03 - 02 Feb 2009 15:08:34 UTC - Search in distribution

Fsdb - a flat-text database for shell scripting River stage zero No dependents

JOHNH/Fsdb-3.0 - 04 Apr 2022 22:44:17 UTC - Search in distribution
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