Pod::Inherit - auto-create POD sections listing inherited methods

Ever written a module distribution with base classes and dependencies, that had the POD for the various methods next to them, but hard to find for the user of your modules? Ever wished POD could be inheritable? Now it can. This module will load each ...

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ISAAC/libapreq2-2.13 - 02 Dec 2010 18:41:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Fields::Inherit - Inheritance of %FIELDS

A simple module to handle inheritance of the %FIELDS hash. base.pm is usually its only customer, though there's nothing stopping you from using it. inherit_fields inherit_fields($derived_class, $base_class); The $derived_class will inherit all of the...

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Module::Install::Pod::Inherit - Make your distribution's POD link to where inherited methods come from, the easy way (if you use M::I).

One problem with modern perl code with fairly deep, or complex, inheritence trees is that users don't know where to look for documentation; they think they have a Foo::Bar object, and don't know to look fo the docs in Foo::Bar::Role::Server::Cute::Un...

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Config::Simple::Inherit - Inherit values from, overwrite a base configuration

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Devel::InheritNamespace - Inherit An Entire Namespace

WARNING: YMMV using this module. This module allows you to dynamically "inherit" an entire namespace. For example, suppose you have a set of packages under MyApp::Base: MyApp::Base::Foo MyApp::Base::Bar MyApp::Base::Baz Then some time later you start...

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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodInherit - use Pod::Inherit to provide INHERITED METHODS sections in POD

Simple wrapper around Pod::Inherit to provide an 'inherited methods' section for any modules in this distribution. See the documentation for Pod::Inherit for more details....

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Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassInherit - Overridable class data

The MakeMethods subclass provides accessor methods that search an inheritance tree to find a value. This allows you to set a shared or default value for a given class, and optionally override it in a subclass....

EVO/Class-MakeMethods-1.01 - 07 Sep 2004 21:45:34 GMT - Search in distribution

MooseX::AttributeTree - Inherit attribute values like HTML+CSS does

Classes can inherit attributes from their parent classes. But sometimes you want an attribute to be able to inherit its value from a parent object. For example, that's how CSS styles work in HTML. MooseX::AttributeTree allows you to apply the "TreeIn...

CJM/MooseX-AttributeTree-0.06 - 27 Jun 2015 20:43:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Package::New - Simple base package from which to inherit

The Package::New object provides a consistent constructor for objects. I find that I always need these two methods in every package that I build. I plan to use this package as the base for all of my CPAN packages....

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Shell::Source - run programs and inherit environment changes

The Shell::Source allows arbitrary shell scripts, or other programs for that matter, to be run and their environment to be inherited into a Perl program. Begin by creating a Shell::Source object, and specifying the shell it will use. If the shell is ...

PJCJ/Shell-Source-0.01 - 02 Aug 2001 22:01:04 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites

The CPAN module automates or at least simplifies the make and install of perl modules and extensions. It includes some primitive searching capabilities and knows how to use LWP, HTTP::Tiny, Net::FTP and certain external download clients to fetch dist...

ANDK/CPAN-2.16 - 14 Feb 2017 16:22:20 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfunc - Perl builtin functions

The functions in this section can serve as terms in an expression. They fall into two major categories: list operators and named unary operators. These differ in their precedence relationship with a following comma. (See the precedence table in perlo...

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CHI - Unified cache handling interface

CHI provides a unified caching API, designed to assist a developer in persisting data for a specified period of time. The CHI interface is implemented by driver classes that support fetching, storing and clearing of data. Driver classes exist or will...

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Tui - Text user interface toolkit

RFLENS/Tui-0.4 - 21 Aug 1999 06:40:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Tkx - Yet another Tk interface

The "Tkx" module provides yet another Tk interface for Perl. Tk is a GUI toolkit tied to the Tcl language, and "Tkx" provides a bridge to Tcl that allows Tk based applications to be written in Perl. The main idea behind Tkx is that it is a very thin ...

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JSON - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder

This module is a thin wrapper for JSON::XS-compatible modules with a few additional features. All the backend modules convert a Perl data structure to a JSON text as of RFC4627 (which we know is obsolete but we still stick to; see below for an option...

ISHIGAKI/JSON-2.94 - 29 May 2017 05:42:46 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI - Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)

About this Document This is the PPI manual. It describes its reason for existing, its general structure, its use, an overview of the API, and provides a few implementation samples. Background The ability to read, and manipulate Perl (the language) pr...

MITHALDU/PPI-1.236 - 22 Jun 2017 17:03:02 GMT - Search in distribution

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