Java - Perl extension for accessing a JVM remotely or locally River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module allows you to talk to a JVM on a local or remote machine. You can create objects, call functions, access fields, deal with arrays, get events & all the nonsense you can do in Java - from Perl!...

METZZO/Java-4.7 - 25 Feb 2004 17:14:31 GMT - Search in distribution
  • JavaArray - Tie'd extension for Java arrays from

Java::SJ - Highly configurable Java program startup system River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to very easily run Java services that rely on complex configuration at the VM and library level. It also provides an easy way of specifying a sensible 'default' configuration that can be overridden by specific applications shou...

WIGGLY/Java-SJ-0.01 - 20 Jul 2003 18:55:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::Doc - Extract documentation from Java source code River stage zero No dependents

The following sections describe the methods in each functional area of this module. For an alphabetic listing of all methods by name see Index....

PRBRENAN/Java-Doc-20171014 - 19 Oct 2017 02:03:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::JCR - Use JSR 170 (JCR) repositories from Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The JSR 170 specification describes a Java-based API for access hierarchical databases. This is generally referred to by the abbreviation JCR, which is an abbreviation for Content Repository API for Java Technology Specification. The biggest OSS impl...

HANENKAMP/Java-JCR-0.08 - 17 Mar 2007 22:17:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::Javap - Java to Perl 6 API translator River stage zero No dependents

See "java2perl6api" for instructions and advice on use of this module. This particular module is only a place holder for the version number of this project (see below)....

TIMB/Java-2Perl6API-0.11 - 05 Sep 2010 22:25:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::Build - a family of modules which you can use instead of Ant River stage zero No dependents

With the modules in this distribution, you can aviod Ant. This gives you the following benefits: * Variables instead of properties. * Flow of control structures. * The ability to write functions. * Cleaner build files (you don't have to code in XML) ...

PHILCROW/Java-Build-0.05 - 06 Oct 2003 17:51:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Inline::Java - Write Perl classes in Java. River stage two • 14 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

The "Inline::Java" module allows you to put Java source code directly "inline" in a Perl script or module. A Java compiler is launched and the Java code is compiled. Then Perl asks the Java classes what public methods have been defined. These classes...

ETJ/Inline-Java-0.66 - 06 Apr 2018 00:30:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::Import - Use Java classes in Perl River stage zero No dependents

The purpose of this module is to provide a simple method for using Java classes from a Perl program while using the latest in Open Source Java Technology. Thus, this module makes great use of the GNU Compiler Tools for Java in it's implimentation....

RUSEKD/Java-Import-0.03 - 26 Jan 2006 05:33:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::Makefile - Script to generate Makefile for building Java projects into a single standalone jar River stage zero No dependents

Basic Example #!/usr/bin/perl -w use Java::Makefile; my $jm = Java::Makefile->new( config_file => 'makefile_specs.xml' ); $jm->write_makefile(); makefile_spec.xml <xml> <output_jar>test_project.jar</output_jar> <source_folder>tes...

CODECHILD/Java-Makefile-1.00 - 13 Mar 2015 20:20:36 GMT - Search in distribution

UMMF::Export::Java - A code generator for JavaTemplate. River stage zero No dependents

This package allow UML models to be represented as Java code....

KSTEPHENS/UMMF-1.02 - 14 May 2006 02:39:55 GMT - Search in distribution
  • UMMF::Export::Java::Hibernate - A Hibernate .hbn.xml code generator.
  • UMMF - UML Meta-Model Framework. UML to code generation via XMI. Implements UML 1.5 meta-model. Provides object-oriented Perl interface for processing UML meta-models and models. Imports XMI. Includes XMI, Perl and Java code generation back-ends.
  • ummf - driver for UMMF
  • 2 more results from UMMF »

Net::RabbitMQ::Java - interface to the RabbitMQ Java AMQP client library River stage zero No dependents

AAR/Net-RabbitMQ-Java-2.030102 - 12 Oct 2011 10:21:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::JVM::Classfile - Parse JVM Classfiles River stage zero No dependents

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an abstract machine which processes JVM classfiles. Such classfiles contain, broadly speaking, representations of the Java methods and member fields forming the definition of a single class, information to support th...

LBROCARD/Java-JVM-Classfile-0.20 - 27 Dec 2007 20:29:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::Java - Generate Java Classes from XML description files and templates. River stage zero No dependents

Template::Plugin::Java is a plugin module for the Template toolkit that makes it easier to write templates for generating Java source code, ultimately for transforming XML descriptions into Java language sources. It can be used either directly on the...

RKITOVER/Template-Plugin-Java-0.4 - 10 Oct 2000 06:27:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::Fine::Levels::Java - Provides levels correlating to java.utils.logging River stage zero No dependents

Log::Fine::Levels::Java provides logging and mask constants mimicking those provided by the "java.utils.logging" framework as provided by Java 1.5.0...

CFUHRMAN/Log-Fine-0.65 - 25 Jun 2016 22:06:02 GMT - Search in distribution

MarpaX::Java::ClassFile - Java .class parsing River stage zero No dependents

This module provide and manage an AST of an Java .class file, as per Java Virtual Machine Specification SE 8 Edition....

JDDPAUSE/MarpaX-Java-ClassFile-0.008 - 31 Mar 2016 05:22:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Meta::Baseline::Lang::Java - doing Java specific stuff in the baseline. River stage zero No dependents

This package contains stuff specific to Java in the baseline: 0. produce code to set Java specific vars in the baseline. 1. check Java files for correct Java syntax in the baseline. 0. produce minimal java usage. 1. check no numbers are in the code. ...

VELTZER/Meta-0.08 - 31 Dec 2002 10:05:41 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Comments::Plugin::Java - Plugin to detect comments in Java source code River stage zero No dependents

File::Comments::Plugin::Java is a plugin for the File::Comments framework. Both /* ... */ and // style comments are recognized. This is *not* a full-blown C parser/preprocessor yet, so it gets easily confused (e.g. if c strings contain comment sequen...

MSCHILLI/File-Comments-0.08 - 10 Dec 2010 08:10:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::Maven::Artifact::Version - a perl module for comparing Artifact versions exactly like Maven does. River stage zero No dependents

Apache Maven <> has a peculiar way to compare Artifact versions. The aim of this module is to exactly reproduce this way in hope that it could be usefull to someone that wants to write utils like SCM hooks. It may quickly ensu...

PANDRAGON/Java-Maven-Artifact-Version-1.000001 - 11 Nov 2014 16:35:16 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::MobileCarrierJP::DoCoMo::Java - Java(DoCoMo) River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 22 total dependents

TOKUHIROM/WWW-MobileCarrierJP-0.65 - 30 Aug 2016 10:40:08 GMT - Search in distribution

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