Konstrukt - Web application/design framework River stage zero No dependents

This framework aims (beside others) for separation of presentation, logic and content. The presentation is basically accomplished with a very powerful templating system, which allows fine grained modularization of the presentation components (templat...

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Debuggit::Manual - Details for using Debuggit to the fullest River stage zero No dependents

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Quiq::Html::Tag - Generierung von HTML-Tags No river data available

Zweck der Klasse Die Klasse generiert HTML-Code. Sie implementiert zwei Methoden - tag() und cat() - mit denen HTML-Code beliebiger Komplexität erzeugt werden kann. Methode new() Ein Objekt der Klasse wird instantiiert durch my $h = Quiq::Html::Tag->...

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Eidolon - web application framework. River stage one • 8 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

*Eidolon* is intended to turn a headache of web user interface development into something easy and full of fun. The main goal of the project is to ease the creation of various web-based backends and systems such as project management systems, custome...

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