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Acme::Phlegethoth - Improve your code's readability, if you're an Ancient One River stage zero No dependents

Acme::Phlegethoth improves the readability of your Perl programs to the Elder Gods. This may accelerate a debugging session where you feel compelled to invoke them. After all, if you're outsourcing development to Cthulhu, you'd better damn well be su...

RCAPUTO/Acme-Phlegethoth-1.05 - 19 Dec 2009 23:04:16 UTC

Acme::DonMartin - For programs that are easy to dictate over the telephone River stage zero No dependents

Perl is a very difficult language to dictate over the phone. All those pesky punctuation characters and gruesome glyphs make it very laborious to speak out loud. To compound the problem, most people can't even agree on what something as basic as "#" ...

DLAND/Acme-DonMartin-0.09 - 03 Nov 2006 10:58:05 UTC
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