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Algorithm::LCS::XS - Fast (XS) implementation of the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) Algorithm River stage zero No dependents

CONSTRUCTOR new() Creates a new object which maintains internal storage areas for the LCS computation. Use one of these per concurrent LCS() call. METHODS line_map(@lines) Send @lines to a hashref containing elements of the form @lines entry => [(inc...

JOESUF/Algorithm-LCS-XS-v2.0.2 - 19 Sep 2022 19:31:58 UTC

Algorithm::MLCS - Fast heuristic algorithm for finding Longest Common Subsequence of multiple sequences River stage zero No dependents

VMOISEEV/Algorithm-MLCS-1.02 - 21 Dec 2012 22:04:09 UTC

Algorithm::NCS - Fast Perl extension for sequence alignment. River stage zero No dependents

Number of Common Substrings (NCS) - A model and algorithm for sequence alignment. The change detection problem is aimed at identifying common and different strings and usually has non-unique solutions. The identification of the best alignment is cano...

VLD/Algorithm-NCS-0.04 - 02 May 2018 06:52:39 UTC

Algorithm::Diff - Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists River stage four • 50 direct dependents • 5313 total dependents

RJBS/Algorithm-Diff-1.201 - 13 Dec 2020 22:34:02 UTC

Algorithm::Diff::XS - Algorithm::Diff with XS core loop River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module is a simple re-packaging of Joe Schaefer's excellent but not very well-known Algorithm::LCS with a drop-in interface that simply re-uses the installed version of the Algorithm::Diff module. Note that only the "LCSidx" function is optimize...

AUDREYT/Algorithm-Diff-XS-0.04 - 24 Oct 2008 09:58:12 UTC

Algorithm::Diff::Any - Perl module to find differences between files River stage zero No dependents

This is a simple module to select the best available implementation of the standard "diff" algorithm, which works by effectively trying to solve the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) problem. This algorithm is described in: *A Fast Algorithm for Compu...

JAWNSY/Algorithm-Diff-Any-1.001 - 23 Dec 2009 00:34:12 UTC
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