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Algorithm::Numerical::Sample - Draw samples from a set River stage zero No dependents

This package gives two methods to draw fair, random samples from a set. There is a procedural interface for the case the entire set is known, and an object oriented interface when the a set with unknown size has to be processed. A: "sample (set => AR...

ABIGAIL/Algorithm-Numerical-Sample-2010011201 - 12 Jan 2010 14:55:10 UTC

Algorithm::KMeans - for clustering multidimensional data River stage zero No dependents

Clustering with K-Means takes place iteratively and involves two steps: 1) assignment of data samples to clusters on the basis of how far the data samples are from the cluster centers; and 2) Recalculation of the cluster centers (and cluster covarian...

AVIKAK/Algorithm-KMeans-2.05 - 12 Dec 2014 01:48:47 UTC

Algorithm::DecisionTree - A Perl module for decision-tree based classification of multidimensional data. River stage zero No dependents

Algorithm::DecisionTree is a *perl5* module for constructing a decision tree from a training datafile containing multidimensional data. In one form or another, decision trees have been around for about fifty years. From a statistical perspective, the...

AVIKAK/Algorithm-DecisionTree-3.43 - 23 Jun 2017 15:02:09 UTC
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