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Apache::AuthenPasswd - mod_perl /etc/passwd Authentication module River stage zero No dependents

SPEEVES/Apache-AuthenPasswd-0.12 - 03 Jul 2003 14:10:30 UTC

Apache::AuthenPasswdSrv - mod_perl Authen Handler River stage zero No dependents

Apache::AuthenPasswdSrv is a mod_perl Authentication handler that checks a users credentials against a domain socket server. The included server,, checks a username and password against an NIS database using Net::NIS and ypmatch. This r...

JEFFH/Apache-AuthenPasswdSrv-0.01 - 19 Sep 1998 01:44:38 UTC

Apache::AuthzPasswd - mod_perl /etc/group Group Authorization module River stage zero No dependents

SPEEVES/Apache-AuthzPasswd-0.12 - 09 Jan 2004 15:36:31 UTC
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