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GRICHTER/Embperl-2.5.0 - 16 Apr 2014 18:33:32 UTC River stage zero No dependents

GRICHTER/HTML-Embperl-1.3.6 - 15 Feb 2003 19:33:11 UTC

Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only, and enables developing of dynamic web applications with session management and embedded Perl code. There are also many powerful extensions, including ...

CHAMAS/Apache-ASP-2.63 - 15 Mar 2018 05:28:37 UTC

Apache::iNcom - An e-commerce framework. River stage zero No dependents

Apache::iNcom is an e-commerce framework. It is not a ready-to-run merchant systems. It is an integration of different components needed for e-commerce into a coherent whole. The primary design goals of the framework are flexibility and security. Mos...

FRAJULAC/Apache-iNcom-0.09 - 19 Jun 2000 21:03:51 UTC

Apache::SSI - Implement Server Side Includes in Perl River stage zero No dependents

Apache::SSI implements the functionality of mod_include for handling server-parsed html documents. It runs under Apache's mod_perl. In my mind, there are two main reasons you might want to use this module: you can sub-class it to implement your own c...

KWILLIAMS/Apache-SSI-2.19 - 27 Jan 2005 04:04:14 UTC

Apache::Session - A persistence framework for session data River stage two • 30 direct dependents • 43 total dependents

Apache::Session is a persistence framework which is particularly useful for tracking session data between httpd requests. Apache::Session is designed to work with Apache and mod_perl, but it should work under CGI and other web servers, and it also wo...

CHORNY/Apache-Session-1.94 - 18 Sep 2020 22:00:45 UTC

Apache::PageKit - MVCC web framework using mod_perl, XML and HTML::Template River stage zero No dependents

PageKit is an mod_perl based application framework that uses HTML::Template and XML to separate code, design, and content. Includes session management, authentication, form validation, co-branding, and a content management system. Its goal is to solv...

BORISZ/Apache-PageKit-1.18 - 26 Mar 2005 18:49:05 UTC

Apache::SessionX - An extented persistence framework for session data River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Apache::SessionX extents Apache::Session. It was initialy written to use Apache::Session from inside of HTML::Embperl, but is seems to be usefull outside of Embperl as well, so here is it as standalone module. Apache::Session is a persistence framewo...

GRICHTER/Apache-SessionX-2.01 - 15 Nov 2005 05:21:49 UTC

Apache::iNcom::Request - Manages the Apache::iNcom request's informations. River stage zero No dependents

This module is responsible for managing the environment in which the Apache::iNcom page will execute. It setups all the objects that will be accessible to the pages through globals and also provides the page with a bunch of utility functions. It also...

FRAJULAC/Apache-iNcom-0.09 - 19 Jun 2000 21:03:51 UTC

Apache::SimpleTemplate River stage zero No dependents

Apache::SimpleTemplate is *another* Template-with-embedded-Perl package for mod_perl. It allows you to embed blocks of Perl code into text documents, such as HTML files, and have this code executed upon HTTP request. It should take moments to set-up ...

FORTY/Apache-SimpleTemplate-0.06b - 08 Oct 2007 01:13:36 UTC
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