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Apache::Traffic - Tracks hits and bytes transferred on a per-user basis River stage zero No dependents

This module tracks the total number of hits and bytes transferred per day by the Apache web server, on a per-user basis. This allows for real-time statistics without having to parse the log files. After installation, add this to your Apache's httpd.c...

MAURICE/Apache-Traffic-1.02 - 09 Jan 1998 19:03:14 UTC

Apache::Dynagzip - mod_perl extension for Apache-1.3.X to compress the response with gzip format. River stage zero No dependents

The main pupose of this package is to serve the "content generation phase" within the mod_perl enabled "Apache 1.3.X", providing dynamic on the fly compression of outgoing web content. This is done through the use of "zlib" library via the "Compress:...

SLAVA/Apache-Dynagzip-0.16 - 07 Nov 2004 21:28:45 UTC

Apache::ProxyConf - Generate Proxy Configuration for browsers. River stage zero No dependents

The Apache::ProxyConf is used to configure the proxy settings in browsers automatically. The modules returns a script that conforms to the Navigator Proxy Auto-Config File Format. The module is suitable for large scale installations that have multipl...

PSCHOO/Apache-ProxyConf-1.0 - 16 Mar 2005 14:03:00 UTC

Apache::DBILogger - Tracks what's being transferred in a DBI database River stage zero No dependents

This module tracks what's being transfered by the Apache web server in a SQL database (everything with a DBI/DBD driver). This allows to get statistics (of almost everything) without having to parse the log files (like the Apache::Traffic module, jus...

ABH/Apache-DBILogger-0.93 - 08 Oct 1998 06:18:50 UTC

Apache::DumpHeaders - Watch HTTP transaction via headers River stage zero No dependents

This module is used to watch an HTTP transaction, looking at the client and servers headers. With Apache::ProxyPassThru configured, you are able to watch your browser talk to any server besides the one with this module living inside....

ABH/Apache-DumpHeaders-0.94 - 10 Mar 2002 06:44:07 UTC

Apache::RPC::Server - A subclass of RPC::XML::Server tuned for mod_perl River stage two • 37 direct dependents • 50 total dependents

The Apache::RPC::Server module is a subclassing of RPC::XML::Server that is tuned and designed for use within Apache with mod_perl. Provided are phase-handlers for the general request-processing phase ("PerlHandler") and the child-process initializat...

RJRAY/RPC-XML-0.82 - 06 Jan 2021 18:05:35 UTC

Apache::TS::AdminClient - Apache::TS::AdminClient - a perl interface to the statistics and configuration settings stored within Apache Traffic Server. River stage zero No dependents

: AdminClient opens a TCP connection to a unix domain socket on local disk. When the connection is established, AdminClient will write requests to the socket and wait for Apache Traffic Server to return a response. Valid request strings can be found ...

BVIERRA/Apache-TS-AdminClient-0.02 - 28 Mar 2011 00:26:21 UTC

Apache::TimedRedirect - an Apache (mod_perl) TransHandler River stage zero No dependents

Apache::TimedRedirect is a mod_perl TransHandler module that allows the configuration of a timed redirect. In other words if someone enters a a website and the URI matches a regex AND it is within a certain time period they will be redirected somewhe...

PETERM/Apache-TimedRedirect-0.13 - 10 Nov 2002 07:24:09 UTC

Tail::Stat::Plugin::apache - Statistics collector for Apache web-server River stage zero No dependents

LONERR/Tail-Stat-0.26 - 03 Dec 2016 13:20:50 UTC

Parse::Apache::ServerStatus - Simple module to parse apache's server-status. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module parses the content of apache's server-status and countes the current status by each process. It works nicely with apache versions 1.3 and 2.x....

BLOONIX/Parse-Apache-ServerStatus-0.11 - 07 Apr 2022 17:15:39 UTC
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