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lib/ModPerl/ River stage three • 155 direct dependents • 183 total dependents

SHAY/mod_perl-2.0.13 - 21 Oct 2023 10:32:29 UTC

Apache2::SSI - Apache2 Server Side Include River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::SSI implements Apache Server Side Include <>, a.k.a. SSI, within and outside of Apache2/mod_perl2 framework. Apache2::SSI is inspired from the original work of Apache::SSI with the main ...

JDEGUEST/Apache2-SSI-v0.2.8 - 11 Oct 2023 07:32:30 UTC

Apache2::API - Apache2 API Framework River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This module provides a comprehensive, powerful, yet simple framework to access Apache mod_perl's API <> and documented appropriately. Apache mod_perl is an awesome framework, but quite complexe with a steep learni...

JDEGUEST/Apache2-API-v0.1.4 - 19 Nov 2023 00:15:14 UTC

Test::Apache2 - Simple test harness of mod_perl handler River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a simple test harness of mod_perl handler. The difference between the module and Apache::Test is that the former don't spawn an real Apache process....

KZYS/Test-Apache2-0.05 - 15 Dec 2009 15:01:06 UTC

Apache2::LogF - Format Apache 2 log messages like sprintf River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 3 total dependents

DORIAN/Apache-LogF-0.01 - 11 Jun 2005 17:45:21 UTC

Apache2::Reload - Reload Perl Modules when Changed on Disk River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 3 total dependents

"Apache2::Reload" reloads modules that change on the disk. When Perl pulls a file via "require", it stores the filename in the global hash %INC. The next time Perl tries to "require" the same file, it sees the file in %INC and does not reload from di...

SHAY/Apache-Reload-0.14 - 06 Aug 2023 10:47:19 UTC

Apache2::WebApp - Simplified web application framework - EOL (for reference only) River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

The WebApp::Toolkit is a *mod_perl* web application framework for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, processes, and conventions that help provide a consistent application environment. The way this package works is actually pr...

MBROOKS/Apache2-WebApp-Toolkit-0.391 - 26 Apr 2014 08:45:42 UTC

Apache2::Archive - Expose archive files through the Apache web server. River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Archive is a mod_perl 2 extension that allows the Apache HTTP server to expose tar and tar.gz archives on the fly. When a client requests such an archive file, the server will return a page displaying information about the file that allows t...

DAMOG/Apache2-Archive-0.2 - 23 Aug 2010 00:00:18 UTC

Apache2::AuthCAS - A configurable Apache authentication module that enables you to protect content on an Apache server using an existing JA-SIG CAS authentication server. River stage zero No dependents

General The *Apache2::AuthCAS* module allows a user to protect arbitrary content on an Apache server with JA-SIG CAS. Add the following lines to your Apache configuration file to load the custom configuration tags for CAS and allow for CAS authentica...

JHITT/Apache2-AuthCAS-0.4 - 02 Jan 2009 19:09:54 UTC

Apache2::Profiler - profiles time seconds needed for every request River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Profiler is a mod_perl init (and cleanup) handler to profile time taken to process one request. Profiled data is reported to the Apache Log file. It'd be useful to profile some heavy application taking a long time to proceed. Apache2::Profil...

MSCHOUT/Apache-Profiler-0.10 - 27 Nov 2009 21:41:44 UTC

Apache2::WebStart - Apache handler for PAR::WebStart River stage zero No dependents

This module is an Apache (version 2) handler for dynamically generating "PNLP" files for "PAR::WebStart". See PAR::WebStart::PNLP for details of the content of a "PNLP" files. Directives The following "PerlSetVar" directives are used to control the c...

ISHIGAKI/PAR-WebStart-0.20 - 03 Apr 2011 16:22:46 UTC

Apache2::Dispatch - call PerlHandlers with the ease of Registry scripts River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Dispatch translates $r->uri into a class and method and runs it as a PerlHandler. Basically, this allows you to call PerlHandlers as you would Regsitry scripts without having to load your httpd.conf with a slurry of <Location> tags....

PHRED/Apache2-Dispatch-0.15 - 13 Feb 2010 02:45:06 UTC

Apache2::AuthzNIS - mod_perl2 NIS Group Authorization module River stage zero No dependents

This perl module is designed to work with mod_perl, the Net::NIS module by Rik Haris (, and the Apache2::AuthenNIS module. Version 0.11 of Apache::AuthzNIS was renamed and modified to use mod_perl2. That module was a direct ...

ITEAHAUS/Apache2-AuthzNIS-0.13 - 16 Apr 2008 15:23:31 UTC

Apache2::SizeLimit - Because size does matter. River stage zero No dependents

******************************** NOTICE ******************* This version is only for httpd 2.x and mod_perl 2.x series. For httpd 1.3.x / mod_perl 1.x Apache::SizeLimit documentation please read the perldoc in lib/Apache/ ****************...

SHAY/Apache-SizeLimit-0.98 - 06 Aug 2023 10:47:30 UTC

Apache2::SSI::URI - Apache2 Server Side Include URI Object Class River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::SSI::URI is used to manipulate and query http uri. It is used by Apache2::SSI both for the main query, and also for sub queries like when there is an "include" directive. In this case, there would be the main document uri such as "/some/path...

JDEGUEST/Apache2-SSI-v0.2.8 - 11 Oct 2023 07:32:30 UTC

Apache2::ShowStatus - if you want to know what your Apache processes are doing River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a "PerlInitHandler" that sets the apache's process title to "httpd: ".$r->the_request The process title is automagically reset when the request is over. Thus, "top" & Co shows what requests are currently active....

OPI/Apache2-ShowStatus-0.02 - 16 May 2005 15:11:56 UTC

Apache2::AuthTicket - Cookie Based Access and Authorization Module River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides ticket based access control. The theory behind this is similar to the system described in the eagle book. This module works using HTTP cookies to check if a user is authorized to view a page. *Apache2::AuthCookie* is used as the ...

MSCHOUT/Apache-AuthTicket-0.94 - 28 Jul 2017 21:16:15 UTC

Apache2::Expression - Apache2 Expressions River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Expression is used to parse Apache2 expression like the one found in SSI (Server Side Includes)....

JDEGUEST/Apache2-SSI-v0.2.8 - 11 Oct 2023 07:32:30 UTC

Apache2::AuthCookie - Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies River stage one • 9 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

This module is for mod_perl version 2. If you are running mod_perl version 1, you should be using Apache::AuthCookie instead. Apache2::AuthCookie allows you to intercept a user's first unauthenticated access to a protected document. The user will be ...

MSCHOUT/Apache-AuthCookie-3.31 - 06 Jan 2022 03:02:19 UTC

Apache2::Controller - fast MVC-style Apache2 handler apps River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Controller is a lightweight controller framework for object-oriented applications designed to run only under mod_perl children in high-performance Apache2 handler modules. It features URL dispatch with flexible configuration, auth plugins, a...

MARKLE/Apache2-Controller-v1.1.1 - 13 Jun 2014 19:02:14 UTC
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