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lib/NG/ River stage zero No dependents

CHENRYN/NG-0.001 - 18 Apr 2013 11:54:54 UTC

FP::Array - pure functions to work with native Perl arrays River stage zero No dependents

To disambiguate from similarly named functions for `FP::List`, they are prefixed with `array_`. These are also used as methods for `FP::PureArray` objects....

PFLANZE/FunctionalPerl-0.72.76 - 22 Jan 2023 15:12:41 UTC

EO::Array - array type collection River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

EO::Array is an OO wrapper around Perl's array type. It will act both as an object and as an array reference....

JDUNCAN/EO-0.96 - 18 Jan 2005 21:20:18 UTC

Set::Array - Arrays as objects with lots of handy methods River stage two • 16 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

Set::Array allows you to create arrays as objects and use OO-style methods on them. Many convenient methods are provided here that appear in the FAQs, the Perl Cookbook or posts from comp.lang.perl.misc. In addition, there are Set methods with corres...

RSAVAGE/Set-Array-0.30 - 17 Sep 2013 23:39:08 UTC

Array::Set - Perform set operations on arrays River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module provides routines for performing set operations on arrays. Set is represented as a regular Perl array. All comparison is done with "eq" (string comparison) by default, but if your set contains references/undef, you can enable "allow_refs"...

PERLANCAR/Array-Set-0.063 - 20 Oct 2021 00:05:56 UTC

Array::APX - Array Programming eXtensions River stage zero No dependents

This module extends Perl-5 with some basic functionality commonly found in array programming languages like APL, Lang5 etc. It is basically a wrapper of Array::Deeputils and overloads quite some basic Perl operators in a way that allows easy manipula...

VAXMAN/Array-APX-0.6 - 26 Mar 2015 21:48:55 UTC

Array::Base - array index offseting River stage zero No dependents

This module implements automatic offsetting of array indices. In normal Perl, the first element of an array has index 0, the second element has index 1, and so on. This module allows array indexes to start at some other value. Most commonly it is use...

ZEFRAM/Array-Base-0.006 - 11 Aug 2017 22:37:53 UTC

Array::FIFO - A Simple limitable FIFO array, with sum and average methods River stage zero No dependents

Array::FIFO is meant to be a simple limitable array, for storing data in a FIFO manner; with an optional limit to how large the array can get. When the limit is reached, the oldest value is returned by "add" when new values are added. It's intent is ...

DBURKE/Array-FIFO-0.13 - 09 Jan 2019 21:15:41 UTC

JSPL::Array - Reference to a JavaScript Array River stage zero No dependents

Arrays in JavaScript are actually "Array"-objects. When returned to Perl side, they are encapsulated in this class and, by default, tied to make them usable as a normal Perl array-references. ... my $arr = $ctx->eval(q|['foo', 'bar', 4]|); print $arr...

SORTIZ/JSPL-1.07 - 17 Jan 2012 00:51:18 UTC

qbit::Array - Functions to manipulate arrays. River stage two • 32 direct dependents • 33 total dependents

MADSKILL/qbit-2.8 - 05 Nov 2018 18:23:23 UTC

Array::Each - iterate over one or more arrays, returning one or more elements from each array followed by the array index. River stage zero No dependents

Overview Array::Each provides the each() method to iterate over one or more arrays, returning one or more elements from each, followed by the array index. Array::Each has an object oriented interface, so it does not export any subroutines (or variabl...

BBAXTER/Array-Each-0.03 - 03 Jan 2013 16:28:11 UTC

Array::Lock River stage zero No dependents

"Array::Lock" contains functions to lock an array. By default "Array::Lock" does not export anything. Restricted arrays Perl 5.8.0 (inadvertantly for arrays?) introduces the ability to restrict an array to a range of indexes... No indexes outside of ...

GKAPUR/Array-Lock-0.02 - 01 Dec 2003 02:33:56 UTC

Array::Tour - Base class for Array Tours. River stage zero No dependents

Array::Tour is a base class for iterators that traverse the cells of an array. This class should provide most of the methods needed for any type of tour, whether it needs to visit each cell or not, and whether the tour needs to be a continuous path o...

JGAMBLE/Array-Tour-0.06 - 05 Sep 2008 03:26:01 UTC

LINQ::Array - a LINQ collection with an arrayref backend River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

TOBYINK/LINQ-0.003 - 20 Oct 2022 15:18:58 UTC

Quiq::Array - Operationen auf Arrays River stage zero No dependents

Ein Objekt der Klasse repräsentiert ein Array. Jede der Methoden kann sowohl auf ein Objekt der Klasse als auch als Klassenmethode auf ein ungeblesstes oder eine andere Klasse geblesstes Perl-Array angewendet werden. Aufruf als Objektmethode: $arr->$...

FSEITZ/Quiq-1.212 - 18 Aug 2023 14:51:27 UTC

SPVM::Array - Array Utilities River stage two • 23 direct dependents • 26 total dependents

"Array" provides array utilities....

KIMOTO/SPVM-0.989044 - 20 Sep 2023 02:16:34 UTC

Array::Iter - Generate a coderef iterator for an array River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

This module provides a simple iterator which is a coderef that you can call repeatedly to get elements of a list/array. When the elements are exhausted, the coderef will return undef. No class/object involved. The principle is very simple and you can...

PERLANCAR/Array-Iter-0.021 - 22 Oct 2021 00:05:44 UTC

DBIx::Array - DBI Wrapper with Perl style data structure interfaces River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides a Perl data structure interface for Structured Query Language (SQL). This module is for people who truly understand SQL and who understand Perl data structures. If you understand how to modify your SQL to meet your data requireme...

MRDVT/DBIx-Array-0.65 - 25 Jan 2023 01:30:17 UTC

BSON::Array - BSON type wrapper for a list of elements River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This module provides a BSON type wrapper representing a list of elements. It is currently read-only. Wrapping is usually not necessary as an ordinary array reference is usually sufficient. This class is helpful for cases where an array reference coul...

MONGODB/BSON-v1.12.2 - 13 Aug 2020 14:58:11 UTC

Array::Find - Find items in array, with several options River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides one subroutine: "find_in_array" to find items in array....

PERLANCAR/Array-Find-0.08 - 03 Sep 2015 08:20:26 UTC
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