Authen::OPIE - Perl module for opie (onetime password in everything) River stage zero No dependents

This module gives perl access to the challenge and verify aspects of the opie library. To issue a challenge you pass the login name to opie_challenge it returns a string like otp-md5 2390 ra5690 ext. This is the challenge you pass on to whatever is c...

EESTABROO/Authen-OPIE-1.00 - 12 Apr 2001 22:55:01 GMT

Authen::PhoneChallenge - Module that does simple challenge/response using only numbers, for use in phone systems. River stage zero No dependents

This module is a simple challenge/response system for use over the phone. The scheme is that a user is issued a list of indexes and values. When they need to authenticate the system prompts them with an index and they respond with the associated valu...

SPESHAK/Authen-PhoneChallenge-0.02 - 08 Sep 2007 02:25:51 GMT

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