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B::COW - B::COW additional B helpers to check COW status River stage four • 2 direct dependents • 9131 total dependents

B::COW provides some naive additional B helpers to check the COW status of one SvPV. COW or Copy On Write introduction A COWed SvPV is sharing its string (the PV) with other SvPVs. It's a (kind of) Read Only C string, that would be Copied On Write (C...

ATOOMIC/B-COW-0.007 - 20 Oct 2022 15:01:08 UTC

B::C - Perl compiler's C backend River stage zero No dependents

This compiler backend takes Perl source and generates C source code corresponding to the internal structures that perl uses to run your program. When the generated C source is compiled and run, it cuts out the time which perl would have taken to load...

RURBAN/B-C-1.57 - 07 May 2019 12:10:41 UTC
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