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B::Showlex - Show lexical variables used in functions or files River stage five • 11024 direct dependents • 32055 total dependents

When a comma-separated list of subroutine names is given as options, Showlex prints the lexical variables used in those subroutines. Otherwise, it prints the file-scope lexicals in the file....

RJBS/perl-5.36.0 - 28 May 2022 00:26:10 UTC

B::LexInfo - Show information about subroutine lexical variables River stage zero No dependents

Perl stores lexical variable names and values inside a *padlist* within the subroutine. Certain lexicals will maintain certain attributes after the the variable "goes out of scope". For example, when a scalar is assigned a string value, this value re...

DOUGM/B-LexInfo-0.02 - 29 Jun 1999 05:03:21 UTC
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