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BIND::Conf_Parser - Parser class for BIND configuration files River stage zero No dependents

"BIND::Conf_Parser" implements a virtual base class for parsing BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) server version 8 configuration files ("named.conf"). The parsing methods shown in the synopsis perform syntactic analysis only. As each meaningful se...

PGUEN/BIND-Conf_Parser-0.95 - 30 Aug 2000 02:16:37 UTC

BIND::Config::Parser - Parse BIND Config file. River stage zero No dependents

BIND::Config::Parser provides a lightweight parser to the configuration file syntax of BIND v8 and v9 using a "Parse::RecDescent" grammar. It is in a similar vein to "BIND::Conf_Parser". However, as it has no knowledge of the directives, it doesn't n...

MATTD/BIND-Config-Parser-0.01 - 26 Jun 2005 22:01:37 UTC
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