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Bundle::DBI - A bundle to install DBI and required modules. River stage four • 940 direct dependents • 2099 total dependents

This bundle includes all the modules used by the Perl Database Interface (DBI) module, created by Tim Bunce. A *Bundle* is a module that simply defines a collection of other modules. It is used by the CPAN module to automate the fetching, building an...

TIMB/DBI-1.643 - 31 Jan 2020 19:02:41 UTC

Bundle::RT - CPAN Bundle for RT Dependencies River stage zero No dependents

RSPIER/Bundle-RT-0.030601 - 12 Aug 2006 04:53:25 UTC

Bundle::GMOD - Prerequisites for GMOD applications River stage zero No dependents

The Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) project ( is a collection of software for running a model organism database. This bundle is the minimum required for getting the schema installed in a PostgreSQL database and running the ...

SCAIN/Bundle-GMOD-1.0 - 26 Sep 2008 19:38:26 UTC

Bundle::WING - Modules required for the Web IMAP and News Gateway River stage zero No dependents

WING is an Open Source Apache/mod_perl based system which allows users to access email held on an IMAP server via any web browser. WING provides a gateway so that users can access email held on an IMAP server via any web browser. This bundle provides...

SIMON/Bundle-WING-0.11 - 23 Aug 2001 11:56:48 UTC

Bundle::CMap - Bundle of CMap requirements River stage zero No dependents

This is a bundle of modules required by CMap....

BFAGA/Bundle-CMap-1.0.1 - 07 Mar 2008 21:42:39 UTC

Bundle::Ovid - Things Ovid wants in a fresh Perl install River stage zero No dependents

Whenever I do a fresh install of Perl, there are certain core modules that I install over and over again. I hate doing that so I built this bundle. Most modules, even if you don't use them, should be self-explanatory. Others are listed below. * alias...

OVID/Bundle-Ovid-1.01 - 14 Sep 2005 23:13:51 UTC

Bundle::DBWIZ - Perl CPAN Bundle for DBWIZ River stage zero No dependents

Refer to for more documentation and instructions....

CALVINM/Bundle-DBWIZ-0.01 - 13 Jun 2006 21:11:49 UTC

Bundle::Slash - A bundle to install all modules used for Slash River stage zero No dependents

mod_perl must be installed by hand, because of the special configuration required for it. Our optional modules, which are not required for a default install and thus not installed by default, but which may become required as you edit your site config...

CNANDOR/Bundle-Slash-2.52 - 18 Aug 2006 17:46:29 UTC

Bundle::SPOPS - Bundle to install all the pre-requisites for SPOPS River stage zero No dependents

Install the few modules needed for SPOPS. Note that this is the bare minimum -- to actually do something with the module you are probably going to need at least DBI plus one or more of the supported DBD drivers (like DBD::mysql, DBD::Sybase, DBD::ASA...

CWINTERS/Bundle-SPOPS-1.11 - 16 Sep 2002 21:05:29 UTC

Bundle::Atoll - Perl extension for ALPAGE Linguistic Processing Chain River stage zero No dependents

This bundle regroups all Perl modules needed to install and run ALPAGE Linguistic Processing chain. EXPORT None by default....

ICABRERA/Bundle-Atoll-0.03 - 08 Feb 2008 13:22:29 UTC

Bundle::Bonsai - A bundle of the modules required for Bonsai. River stage zero No dependents

This bundle installs the prerequisites for Bonsai. DBI This module is used to connect to the database that Bonsai uses to store its information. Data::Dumper The Data::Dumper module provides data structure persistence for Perl (similar to Java's seri...

ZLIPTON/Bundle-Bonsai-0.02 - 26 Jan 2001 05:46:50 UTC

Bundle::Helios - install all Helios related modules River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This bundle defines all prerequisite modules for Helios. Bundles have special meaning for the CPAN module. When you install the bundle module all modules mentioned in "CONTENTS" will be installed instead....

LHELION/Helios-2.83 - 16 Aug 2015 19:04:14 UTC

Bundle::Gnome2 - A bundle to install all the Gtk2 and Gnome2 modules. River stage zero No dependents

This module bundles together all the Perl libraries available for developing applications using the 2.x series of Gtk+ and Gnome. As well as the core toolkit libraries there are also extra widgets (like Gtk2::PodViewer) and bindings for libraries inc...

GBROWN/Bundle-Gnome2-0.12 - 04 Oct 2005 12:19:23 UTC

Bundle::Egrail - A bundle to install 'eGrail Open-Source' perl prerequisites River stage zero No dependents

This bundle includes the perl prerequisites you need to run 'eGrail Open-Source'. The full-working installation would also require: 1. mysql-3.22.32.tar.gz 2. apache_1.3.12.tar.gz 3. php-4.0.1pl2.tar.gz 4. gd1.3.tar.gz 5. freetype-1.3.1.tar.gz 6. t1l...

MUENALAN/Bundle-Egrail-0.02 - 19 Jul 2001 17:33:05 UTC

Bundle::Urchin - Urchin RSS Aggregator Perl Dependencies River stage zero No dependents

These are Perl dependencies for the Urchin RSS aggregator software. <> After installing you may get a report that there were some problems installing certain modules. Before reporting them make sure that they haven't ins...

ESUMMERS/Bundle-Urchin-0.1 - 14 Oct 2004 21:08:01 UTC

Bundle::Theory - A bundle to install all of Theory's favorite modules River stage zero No dependents

This bundle contains all of Theory's most-used CPAN modules. These are essentials whenever he builds a new system....

DWHEELER/Bundle-Theory-1.08 - 19 Jun 2011 04:45:49 UTC

Bundle::myxCal - a CPAN bundle for the myxCal XML/CGI calendaring application River stage zero No dependents

OUBIWANN/Bundle-myxCal-0.03 - 20 May 2003 19:10:40 UTC

Bundle::Ensembl - Bundle for installing Ensembl Perl Modules (Built from dependencies of ENSEMBL_45 VERSION) River stage zero No dependents

A Bundle of Modules related to Ensembl Genome Browser Installation (Ensembl V45). If there are any modules that needs to be installed please email me at

ASHGENE/Bundle-Ensembl-0.03 - 03 Jul 2007 11:54:04 UTC

Bundle::POPFile - The modules needed by POPFile in one clean bundle River stage zero No dependents

This bundle will give you all the module dependencies of POPFile <> with a single cpan install command. Please note that no modules for the database backend are included, except DBI....

MANNI/Bundle-POPFile-1.02 - 08 Jun 2008 07:55:54 UTC

Bundle::ePortal - Bundle with all ePortal related modules River stage zero No dependents

This bundle contains all modules related to the ePortal project. See for details about it....

RUSAKOV/Bundle-ePortal-0.09 - 19 Aug 2004 06:53:45 UTC
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