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CGI::Cache - Perl extension to help cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts River stage zero No dependents

This module is intended to be used in a CGI script that may benefit from caching its output. Some CGI scripts may take longer to execute because the data needed in order to construct the page may not be quickly computed. Such a script may need to que...

DCOPPIT/CGI-Cache-1.4214 - 13 Jul 2018 00:12:39 UTC

CGI::Ex::Recipes::Cache - Naive caching in a database table River stage zero No dependents

I found that when I cached in memory some output from CGI::Ex::Recipes::Template::Menu, the performance under mod_perl jumped from: ... Requests per second: 19.42 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request: 154.441 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 51.480 [ms] (mea...

BEROV/CGI-Ex-Recipes-0.08 - 05 Sep 2012 07:36:32 UTC

Cache::Memcached::Fast::CGI - Capture the STDOUT for Memcached in a pure cgi program! River stage zero No dependents

HITSU/Cache-Memcached-Fast-CGI-0.06 - 14 Oct 2010 02:35:16 UTC

CGI::Application::Plugin::Cache::File - Caching support using Cache::File River stage zero No dependents

CGI::Application::Plugin::Cache::File makes it easy to use cached data and be able to share it with different processes....

JKVA/CGI-Application-Plugin-Cache-File-0.4 - 22 Jul 2009 07:34:44 UTC

CGI::Application::Plugin::Cache::Adaptive - Provide cacheable to method using attribute. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides adaptive cache to specified method by 'Cacheable' attribute. Cache mechanism depends on Cache::Adaptive....

ZIGOROU/CGI-Application-Plugin-Cache-Adaptive-0.03 - 20 May 2007 16:38:39 UTC

CGI::Application::NetNewsIface::Cache::DBI - an internally used class to form a fast cache of the NNTP data. River stage zero No dependents

SHLOMIF/CGI-Application-NetNewsIface-0.0204 - 24 Aug 2019 09:43:16 UTC

CGI::Buffer - Verify, Cache and Optimise CGI Output River stage zero No dependents

NHORNE/CGI-Buffer-0.82 - 07 Aug 2018 13:56:47 UTC

CGI::Ex - CGI utility suite - makes powerful application writing fun and easy River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

CGI::Ex provides a suite of utilities to make writing CGI scripts more enjoyable. Although they can all be used separately, the main functionality of each of the modules is best represented in the CGI::Ex::App module. CGI::Ex::App takes CGI applicati...

CCM/CGI-Ex-2.54 - 11 Mar 2022 22:01:22 UTC

CGI::WML - Subclass LDS's "" for WML output and WML methods River stage zero No dependents

This is a library of perl functions to allow programming to be applied to WAP/WML. Since this is a subclass of Lincoln Stein's all the normal methods are available. See perldoc CGI if you are not familiar with The mo...

AMURREN/CGI-WML-0.09 - 21 Feb 2003 16:36:08 UTC

CGI::MakeItStatic - not cache, to make cgi static River stage zero No dependents

CGI::MakeItStatic makes CGI program static. It is for not good CGI programs. For examle, Here is the program which display some statistics for each month. But it is no need to calculate past month statistics because it never be changed. If it takes t...

KTAT/CGI-MakeItStatic-0.03 - 11 Mar 2006 09:40:50 UTC

CGI::Info - Information about the CGI environment River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

NHORNE/CGI-Info-0.73 - 29 Oct 2021 11:37:00 UTC

CGI::Ajax - a perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

CGI::Ajax is an object-oriented module that provides a unique mechanism for using perl code asynchronously from javascript- enhanced HTML pages. CGI::Ajax unburdens the user from having to write extensive javascript, except for associating an exporte...

BPEDERSE/CGI-Ajax-0.707 - 08 Oct 2008 18:16:25 UTC

CGI::CIPP - Use CIPP embedded HTML Pages in a CGI environment River stage zero No dependents

CGI::CIPP is a Perl module which enables you to use CIPP on every CGI capable webserver. It is based on a central wrapper script, which does all the preprocessing. It executes the generated Perl code directly afterwards. Additionally, it implements a...

JRED/CGI-CIPP-0.07 - 04 Feb 2001 09:33:57 UTC

CGI::Lingua - Create a multilingual web page River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

NHORNE/CGI-Lingua-0.64 - 25 Jan 2022 15:10:59 UTC

CGI::Header - Handle HTTP header properties River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module is a utility class to manipulate a hash reference received by's "header()" method. This module isn't the replacement of the "header()" method, but complements This module can be used in the following situation: 1. $header i...

ANAZAWA/CGI-Header-0.63 - 01 Aug 2013 08:19:26 UTC

CGI::Simple - A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant River stage two • 19 direct dependents • 57 total dependents

CGI::Simple provides a relatively lightweight drop in replacement for It shares an identical OO interface to for parameter parsing, file upload, cookie handling and header generation. This module is entirely object oriented, however a ...

MANWAR/CGI-Simple-1.280 - 11 Jan 2022 15:16:20 UTC

Kwiki::Atom - Kwiki Atom Plugin River stage zero No dependents

This Kwiki plugin provides Atom 0.3 integration with Kwiki. If you plan to offer your Atom feeds to the public, please consider installing the Kwiki::Cache module, which can significantly reduce the server load. For more info about this kind of integ...

AUTRIJUS/Kwiki-Atom-0.15 - 01 Apr 2005 08:58:49 UTC

CGI::AutoForm - Automated abstraction of HTML forms from a data source River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

There are many CGI form abstractions available, (e.g. A unique and powerful advantage with this abstraction is that it can be tied closely with a database schema. Each group of fields in the form can represent a database table (or view) and ...

RSANDBERG/CGI-AutoForm-1.05 - 06 Jun 2012 00:48:08 UTC

Google::OAuth - Maintains a database for Google Access Tokens River stage zero No dependents

Google::OAuth provides the capability to utilize the Google App's published API. The link below (to Google's Calendar reference) demonstrates their API in the form of HTTP REST requests. This API is consistent with the arguments of a Google::OAuth to...

TQISJIM/Google-OAuth-0.05 - 08 Jun 2013 23:58:16 UTC

CGI::Ex::Conf - Conf Reader/Writer for many different data format types River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

There are half a million Conf readers out there. Why not add one more. Actually, this module provides a wrapper around the many file formats and the config modules that can handle them. It does not introduce any formats of its own. This module also p...

CCM/CGI-Ex-2.54 - 11 Mar 2022 22:01:22 UTC
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