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XML::CSV - Perl extension converting CSV files to XML River stage zero No dependents

XML::CSV is a new module in is going to be upgraded very often as my time permits. For the time being it uses CSV_XS module object default values to parse the (*.csv) document and then creates a perl data structure with xml tags names and data. At th...

ISTERIN/XML-CSV-0.15 - 15 May 2001 17:23:22 UTC

DBD::CSV - DBI driver for CSV files River stage two • 23 direct dependents • 26 total dependents

The DBD::CSV module is yet another driver for the DBI (Database independent interface for Perl). This one is based on the SQL "engine" SQL::Statement and the abstract DBI driver DBD::File and implements access to so-called CSV files (Comma Separated ...

HMBRAND/DBD-CSV-0.59 - 01 Jan 2022 10:55:01 UTC

App::CSV - process CSV files River stage zero No dependents

GAAL/App-CSV-0.08 - 23 May 2014 07:46:12 UTC

Mojo::CSV - no-nonsense CSV handling River stage zero No dependents

Read and write CSV (Comma Separated Values) like a boss, Mojo style....

ZOFFIX/Mojo-CSV-1.001004 - 12 Mar 2020 19:40:49 UTC

DBIx::CSV - Generate CSV from SQL query result River stage zero No dependents

This package is a thin glue between DBI and DBIx::TextTableAny (which in turn is a thin glue to Text::Table::Any). It adds the following methods to database handle: selectrow_csv selectall_csv selectrow_csv_noheader selectall_csv_noheader as well as ...

PERLANCAR/DBIx-CSV-0.004 - 07 Dec 2018 13:53:07 UTC

Text::CSV - comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) River stage three • 148 direct dependents • 236 total dependents

Text::CSV is a thin wrapper for Text::CSV_XS-compatible modules now. All the backend modules provide facilities for the composition and decomposition of comma-separated values. Text::CSV uses Text::CSV_XS by default, and when Text::CSV_XS is not avai...

ISHIGAKI/Text-CSV-2.02 - 07 Aug 2022 20:22:29 UTC

Snail::CSV - Perl extension for read/write/update CSV files. River stage zero No dependents

This module can be used to read/write/update data from/to CSV files. Text::CSV_XS is used for parsing CSV files....

MIT/Snail-CSV-0.07 - 14 May 2006 11:58:57 UTC

Parse::CSV - Highly flexible CSV parser for large files River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

Surely the CPAN doesn't need yet another CSV parsing module. Text::CSV_XS is the standard parser for CSV files. It is fast as hell, but unfortunately it can be a bit verbose to use. A number of other modules have attempted to put usability wrappers a...

KWILLIAMS/Parse-CSV-2.07 - 16 Nov 2020 04:53:36 UTC

CSV::Reader - CSV reader class River stage zero No dependents

Simple CSV reader class that uses Text::CSV internally. The CSV files are expected to have a header row of column names. This was designed with the idea of using an iterator interface, but Perl does not support interators (nor interfaces) yet :(...

CMANLEY/CSV-Reader-1.12 - 21 Oct 2020 12:15:54 UTC

CSV::Template - A CSV templating module derived from HTML::Template River stage zero No dependents

This is really just a subclass of HTML::Template that does some minor post processing of the output. Since HTML::Template really just operates on plain text, and not HTML specifically, it dawned on me that there is no reason why I should not use HTML...

STEVAN/CSV-Template-0.03 - 17 Feb 2005 19:51:00 UTC

CSV::Examples - Example CSV files River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This distribution contains various examples of CSV files in its per-dist share dir....

PERLANCAR/CSV-Examples-0.003 - 12 May 2019 04:21:01 UTC

Benchmark::CSV - Report raw timing results in CSV-style format for advanced processing. River stage zero No dependents

KENTNL/Benchmark-CSV-0.001002 - 09 Mar 2017 07:20:46 UTC

CSV::Processor - Set of different methods that adds new columns in csv files River stage zero No dependents

Set of ready-to-use useful csv file processors based on Text::AutoCSV and other third-party modules E.g. from the box you can add email by url using Email::Extractor Pull requests are welcome ;) Also this module includes command line utilitie, csvpro...

PAVELSR/CSV-Processor-1.01 - 20 Aug 2018 20:36:01 UTC

Thesaurus::CSV - Read/write thesarus data from/to a file River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This subclass of "Thesaurus" implements persistence by reading and storing data in a CSV format text file. This CSV file can easily be edited from a text editor For very large objects, consider using the "Thesaurus::BerkeleyDB" subclass instead, as i...

DROLSKY/Thesaurus-0.23 - 31 Mar 2007 15:16:19 UTC

Tripletail::CSV - CSV のパースと生成 River stage zero No dependents

CSV のパースと生成を行う為のクラス。 カンマを含むカラム、改行コードを含むカラム等も 正しく処理する事が出来る。 文字列のパースの他に、ファイルハンドルからのパースも可能。 METHODS "$TL->newCsv" my $csv = $TL->newCsv; Tripletail::CSV オブジェクトを取得する。 "parseCsv" my $parser = $csv->parseCsv("a,b,c,d,e"); my $parser = $csv->parseCsv(IO::Sc...

HIO/Tripletail-0.65 - 27 Dec 2021 10:15:26 UTC

Spreadsheet::CSV - Drop-in replacement for Text::CSV_XS with spreadsheet support River stage zero No dependents

Spreadsheet::CSV attempts to provide a drop-in replacement for Text::CSV_XS when reading in user-provided input files, such as via Email or Web. This is currently only for reading documents and only via the $csv->getline interface documented above...

DDICK/Spreadsheet-CSV-0.20 - 31 Oct 2014 10:12:21 UTC

CSV::HistoryPlayer - Plays scattered CSV files with historic data River stage zero No dependents

Let's assume you have many of CSV-files, each one has some events written in it (in the first column in form of unix timestamp) and filenames also have encoded date of the events within, i.e. ├── income │ ├── 2015-02-10.csv │ └── 2015-02-12.csv └── o...

BINARY/CSV-HistoryPlayer-0.03 - 21 Feb 2017 02:48:19 UTC

Class::CSV - Class based CSV parser/writer River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module can be used to create objects from *CSV* files, or to create *CSV* files from objects. Text::CSV_XS is used for parsing and creating *CSV* file lines, so any limitations in Text::CSV_XS will of course be inherant in this module. EXPORT No...

DJR/Class-CSV-1.03 - 08 Feb 2007 23:03:53 UTC

Tie::Array::CSV - A tied array which combines the power of Tie::File and Text::CSV River stage zero No dependents

This module allows an array to be tied to a CSV file for reading and writing. The array is a standard Perl 2D array (i.e. an array of array references) which gives access to the row and column of the user's choosing. This is done using the well estab...

JBERGER/Tie-Array-CSV-0.08 - 07 Oct 2019 15:44:29 UTC

lib/Pegex/ River stage zero No dependents

INGY/Pegex-CSV-0.0.4 - 11 Oct 2014 16:58:32 UTC
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