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Class::DBI - Simple Database Abstraction River stage three • 91 direct dependents • 134 total dependents

TMTM/Class-DBI-v3.0.17 - 04 Oct 2007 21:30:41 UTC

Class::DBI::Pg - Class::DBI extension for Postgres River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Class::DBI::Pg automate the setup of Class::DBI columns and primary key for Postgres. select Postgres system catalog and find out all columns, primary key and SERIAL type column. create table. CREATE TABLE cd ( id SERIAL NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, title T...

DMAKI/Class-DBI-Pg-0.08 - 11 Mar 2006 08:25:56 UTC

Class::DBI::utf8 - A Class:::DBI subclass that knows about UTF-8 River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Rather than have to think about things like character sets, I prefer to have my objects just Do The Right Thing. I also want utf-8 encoded byte strings in the database whenever possible. Using this subclass of Class::DBI, I can just put perl strings ...

FOTANGO/Class-DBI-utf8-0.2 - 23 Mar 2007 17:04:23 UTC

Class::DBI::DB2 - Extensions to Class::DBI for DB2 River stage zero No dependents

Class::DBI::DB2 automates the setup of Class::DBI columns and primary key for IBM DB2. This is an extension to Class::DBI that currently implements: * Automatic column name discovery. * Automatic primary key(s) detection. * Automatic column type dete...

MFERRIS/Class-DBI-DB2-0.16 - 20 May 2004 00:21:50 UTC

Class::DBI::DDL - Combined with Class::DBI to create and dispose of tables River stage zero No dependents

This module is used to added to a Class::DBI class to allow it to automatically generate DDL calls to create a table if it doesn't exist in the database already. It attempts to do so in such a way as to be database independent whenever possible. Use ...

HANENKAMP/Class-DBI-DDL-1.02 - 16 Sep 2005 03:21:31 UTC

Class::DBI::DFV - check that your data is valid using DFV River stage zero No dependents

EVDB/Class-DBI-DFV-0.02 - 15 Nov 2005 22:48:40 UTC

Class::DBI::SAK - Class::DBI Swiss Army Knife (SAK) River stage zero No dependents

By taking the busy work out of using Class::DBI as you see fit, your code becomes more useful by size. Most of us end up using at least a couple Class::DBI extensions in our programs, and it's just a pain. Enter the Swiss Army Knife. This module is i...

CWEST/Class-DBI-SAK-1.4 - 23 Sep 2003 00:08:00 UTC

Class::DBI::Query - Deprecated SQL manager for Class::DBI River stage three • 91 direct dependents • 134 total dependents

This abstracts away many of the details of the Class::DBI underlying SQL mechanism. For the most part you probably don't want to be interfacing directly with this. The underlying mechanisms are not yet stable, and are subject to change at any time....

TMTM/Class-DBI-v3.0.17 - 04 Oct 2007 21:30:41 UTC

Class::DBI::Form River stage zero No dependents

EBRUNI/Class-DBI-Form-00.03 - 10 Jun 2007 16:16:25 UTC

Class::DBI::Lite - Lightweight ORM for Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

"Class::DBI::Lite" offers a simple way to deal with databases in an object-oriented way. One class (the Model class) defines your connection to the database (eg: connectionstring, username and password) and your other classes define interaction with ...

JOHND/Class-DBI-Lite-1.034 - 07 May 2012 21:21:19 UTC

Class::DBI::View - Virtual table for Class::DBI River stage zero No dependents

Class::DBI::View is a Class::DBI wrapper to make virtual VIEWs....

MIYAGAWA/Class-DBI-View-0.07 - 04 Aug 2005 02:31:34 UTC

Oryx::DBI::Class - DBI metaclass implementation River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is the DBI implementation of Oryx::Class. This does the majority of the work for an Oryx::Class subclass stored in Oryx::DBI storage....

RHUNDT/Oryx-0.24 - 18 Jun 2006 19:57:44 UTC

Class::User::DBI - A User class: Login credentials, roles, privileges, domains. River stage zero No dependents

The module is designed to simplify user logins, authentication, role based access control (authorization), as well as domain (locality) constraint access control. It stores user credentials, roles, and basic user information in a database via a DBIx:...

DAVIDO/Class-User-DBI-0.10 - 08 Dec 2012 07:49:26 UTC

Class::DBI::UUID - Provide Globally Unique Column Values River stage zero No dependents

This module implements globally unique columns values. When an object is created, the columns specified are given unique IDs. This is particularly helpful when running in an environment where auto incremented primary keys won't work, such as multi-ma...

CWEST/Class-DBI-UUID-1.01 - 31 Jan 2005 18:50:18 UTC

Meta::Class::DBI - extend Class::DBI for more high level needs. River stage zero No dependents

This class extends the CPAN Class::DBI code. The idea is to use more high level object to configure Class::DBI (like object which already know the structure of the database and the connection info). Currently the class only implements the connection ...

VELTZER/Meta-0.08 - 31 Dec 2002 10:05:41 UTC

Class::DBI::ToSax - turn database objects to SAX events River stage zero No dependents

This module adds an extra method to Class::DBI, to_sax(). All the usual sorts of SAX handler can be passed in. The example above shows a writer to send the XML to stdout. NB: This class must come first in the inheritance chain because it overrides or...

SEMANTICO/Class-DBI-ToSax-0.10 - 14 Oct 2003 15:16:39 UTC

Class::DBI::Pager - Pager utility for Class::DBI River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

Class::DBI::Pager is a plugin for Class::DBI, which glues Data::Page with Class::DBI. This module reduces your work a lot, for example when you have to do something like: * retrieve objects from a database * display objects with 20 items per page In ...

MIYAGAWA/Class-DBI-Pager-0.08 - 01 Mar 2006 08:50:12 UTC

Class::DBI::MSSQL - Class::DBI for MSSQL River stage zero No dependents

This is just a simple subclass of Class::DBI; it makes Class::DBI play nicely with MSSQL, at least if DBD::ODBC is providing the connection. Here are the things it changes: * use "SELECT @@IDENTITY" to get last autonumber value * use "INSERT INTO tab...

RJBS/Class-DBI-MSSQL-0.122 - 11 Nov 2006 04:05:02 UTC

Class::DBI::Audit - Audit changes to columns in CDBI objects. River stage zero No dependents

This module allows easy tracking of changes to values in tables managed by CDBI classes. It helps you answer the question "who set that value to be 'foobar', I thought I set it to be 'farbar'?" without resorting to digging through snapshots of your d...

BDUGGAN/Class-DBI-Audit-0.04 - 02 Sep 2008 19:50:53 UTC

Class::DBI::AsXML - Format CDBI Objects as XML River stage zero No dependents

This software adds XML output support to "Class::DBI" based objects. to_xml_columns Class->to_xml_columns([qw[columns to dump with xml]]); This class method sets the default columns this class should dump when calling "to_xml()" on an object. The sin...

CWEST/Class-DBI-AsXML-1.02 - 15 Jan 2005 15:34:06 UTC
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